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You sent me a new modem a few months ago and the service is much better except I am unable to watch NetFlix so I'm assuming I need to get an upgrade? Will it be expensive? Occasionally I can watch NetFLIX all day long with no problems and then it turns into a nightmare...
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You could be over your allowance. So first thing to check is if the two boxes are green at the top of the page when you go here:

Which plan are you on? No matter which plan you must set definition streaming to medium or low as described here:

Even if you set streaming to lower definition you still will not be able to watch Netflix all day long everyday without going over allowance no matter what plan you have, even the highest available.
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1 hr HD Video = 1 ~ 2 GB. 8 hrs = 8 ~ 16 GB

1 hr SD Video =  250 MB ~ 500 MB. 8 hrs = 2 ~ 4 GB 
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In addition to the aforementioned information, there is also a "peak usage period" that can affect things that need a lot of steady bandwidth.  Peak usage period is when the highest number of people are on the service, and that usually occurs in the early to late evening (about 6PM to 10:30PM EST for me) and early to mid morning (about 6AM to 8AM EST for me).  The speeds can dip and not be as steady during this period due to the system having a finite throughput and that throughput having to be divided between more users.  Sort of like when you get more cars on the road during rush hour.  Overall, things can slow down.   

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Good morning Lucy,

Welcome and thanks for posting. Glad to hear the modem replacement improved your service. The information and suggestions from the three previous posters are great starting points, did any of that help?

Looking forward to your reply.

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