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Help with controlling data usage for updated to computers, phones, & devices?

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Help with controlling data usage for updated to computers, phones, & devices?

I am really frustrated with my hughes service right now.  I moved last year were I had broadband service with basically unlimited data & now my only option is hughes.  I feel like I am paying way to much money for capped data service that doesn't meet the needs of modern technology.  However, I am willing to search for help since the customer service rep I talked to today only gave me script lines & no help on how to fix our problem. 

Everytime I try to update my computers & phones, it eats thru the data. (Yes, I do realize that some apps have huge files.)  The problem is that I have been trying to get up and do all this before 8am, however my anytime data gets used up.  Can anyone tell me how to set my iphone & mac computer to run all updates between the 2am & 8am window?  I am not to keen on waking up out of deep sleep to start updates!

Honestly, I really wish hughes net would consider giving customers more anytime data for the cost.  Especially since now you can get fiber to home in a lot places for less than a $100 a month.  It would be really  nice if you could actually update your devices without having to worry about what time of day it is.
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Once you understand how satellites work and what the limitations are then you will understand why things are done the way they are. Yes, it would be nice to have fiber optic for under $100 a month but since you and I both know that isn't going to happen why dwell on it?

You've come to the right place, between our 'Champions' and 'Official Reps' you won't get any better service. They are not working from scripts, they actually know what they are doing and they are backed up by many users that try to help other users to get the best service possible.

The Official Reps will be back on Monday, we give them the weekends off because they work so hard all week long, If you can tell us a little about your network, what you have on it, what router, how many devices we can start to help you out. I can tell you that the more you have connected the slower your speeds are going to be and the higher you data consumption is going to be.

I can't tell you how to set the update times on the devices you asked about but I am sure there is someone here that can and will.

Be patient, you will get the help you asked for.

Not familiar with Apple phones or PC's to help. Hard to believe that is the primary problem altho certainly does depaend on how many apps you have on your phone. Do a search on web for specific help there.

This might help with app management of updates.
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First, I do understand how satellite service works.  However, it still sucks to pay so much for a service that caps your data at 10 GB.  I have my own business, and honestly don't have time to sit and manage data usage like I have been the last 6 months!  I just need it to work!

I am looking for help: 
Modem: Hughes HT1100
Devices, Macbook Pro laptop, 2 iphones, 1 Ipod
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Thanks for the info, I will check it out!
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THanks for the info, but it won't help me with my problem.
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Update your phone and laptop at a local library Mc Donalds or similar places.
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luby0531, I don't know that this would help you at all, as I don't know what sort of business you have, but Hughesnet does have business plans that are sort of reversed with their usage times, as in the larger amount during the day instead of during the night.  I can't speak for the business plans as I've never had one and don't know anyone that does.  I only know that some people have them for their businesses. 

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Hi Luby,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community! Unfortunately when it comes to Macs and iOS phones, there is no feature available for this. Not too sure why apple never had this available however I did find an article that may be of help. Take a look, it might help you.

It basically states that whenever you check for updates manually, the next check will be done at that same time again in the future. So if it is set to check for updates weekly, that same day and time will be saved as the time to update. There is some more good info there, but that is mainly for Mac computers. Phones and iPad's, even in my own experience have never had this option. Unless there is now an app for that.

I hope this helps. If you need more tips and tricks on data conservation feel free to let us know.

Thank you,

Hi Luby,

I have never had a problem with my Mac and iPhone using up my data.
To control this I do recommend that you set System Preferences > App Store to Automatically check for updates but Do not check Download newly available updates in the background. Also do not check Automatically download apps purchased on other Macs.
It will further help if you don't allow (under Security and Privacy) to Send diagnostic & usage data to Apple and Share crash data with app developers.

As to your iPhones, basically the same things recommended to save battery i.e.. turn off push notifications is all that's necessary. The phone will ask your permission rather than update on it's own.
I don't have an iPad so I can't advise you there but likely it's similar to the phone.

Do be careful and pay attention to the settings when watching video. If you need to view something in HD, I recommend you use 720p rather than 1080p. In most cases you can use an even lower setting and save data.

Lastly, and this is applicable to users of all OSes, Don't leave your browser open on social sites such as Facebook and the like or any site having embedded video, i.e.. CNN, etc.

If you need anything more, please ask.

Don  🙂