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I got my "amazing highest speed available" internet for 129.99 a month. I was told I was to receive 70g a month PLUS 20 anytime gigs PLUS 50 extra between 2 and 8 am. After hanging up with phone I noticed my credit card had been hit with a random uninformed fee of almost 250 dollars. Two days later I got yet another unauthorized charge for almost 20 dollars, so being obviously confused as to why my money was disappearing without an explanation or consent, I was told that this almost 300 fee was basically a "new customer fee." Something that they are REQUIRED to tell you when you first sign up, but my representative basically wanted to make the sale so I was left in the dark. 2 months go by of no, and I mean no, zero zilch zip absolutely no internet service.
I see my bill that I was told would be 129.99 a month comes in to be 165. Again, my lovely customer service agent refused to inform me of this random 35 that will be addeD. So far I have been nothing but lies to and paying an obscene amount of money for a service that I am not receiving. I called to cancel, was on the phone for over 2 HOURS trying to get a manager to help me. I have never had such rude, disgusting or heinous customer service in my life than I have received from this worthless excuse of a company. Want my advice? I fully suggest that going without internet completely is a much better choice than ever doing business with this "company." You will be lied to, you will be treated with a lack or respect, and they will literally steal money out of your account without informing you or giving you any explanation. The Internet is a joke, the way they run their business should be illegal, and the people that work for them should be fired for speaking to people the way that they do. DONT BUT THIS INTERNET OR

Hi bre,

We are really sorry to hear about your experience and want to see what we can do to help. I appreciate all the information you provided, but it would also be helpful to be able to locate your account. Do you have a recent case number or the serial number that is on your modem? Once we have one of these, I can look up your account and investigate right away. I look forward to your response.

Thank you
Kathy Evans McD
New Member

Well I will tell you I complained on here about the same types of problem with a few differences and someone named mordacious who is somehow affiliated with hugesnet flipped out on me cutting me down as a person and accusing me of thinking I think I know everything about data which couldn't be further from the truth! She was reading 2 other people's complaints and saying I wrote them! The customers service on the phone is terrible I agree but I was talked to like a dog when I posted my complaint on this site which I thought was what this was for. I turned hugesnet into the BBB. That was the only thing left to do. I feel for everyone who has been ripped off by this company and even worse for the ones who was treated awful by its employees. Good luck everyone. They do this because they know they can and will not ever have to face the consequences for their criminal ways.

Hi Kathy

If you sent a letter to the BBB, you will receive a reply from our corporate office within their mediation standard 30 business day time frame.

As well, users with Employee, Official Rep or Company Admin next to their name are employed by Hughes. Those with Champion next to their name are extremely knowledgeable HughesNet customers, but are not employees. Those with no tag next to their name are customers and not paid, sponsored or in any way affiliated (other than being a customer) with Hughes.

Thank you
Kathy Evans McD
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Associate Professor

As Amanda stated, the ONLY Hughesnet reps here are the ones with Official Rep, Employee, or Admin by their name.  Everyone else is just regular customers or potential customers.
Assistant Professor

Don't forget past customers also, some come here to post sour grapes after the fact. Such a happy place.  🙂

To make it as clear as possible:

Official Rep beside name = Employee

Champion beside name = Customer who's been given the title due to past history and knowledge assisting other customers having problems. Not an employee.

No Title beside name = Customer, potential customer, past customer, etc.
Ricardo Medrano
New Member

I have been with the provider now since 2013 and the customer service has to me addressed the issues that I have had in the past they have even given me tokens to replace unexplained lost data so I am not sure who you have been talking too but I have not have had too much of a problem in resolving my complaints thank you!
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The "phone support/customer service" 9x's out of 10 is a joke...anyone that says they're greeatttt is delusional...More customers should call the corporate office directly the number really should be posted on the forum right next to the "phone support" number.

Also what's the point of having forum "guidelines/rules" if some customers (so they say) are allowed to disrespect other customers without any consequence?...It's really getting out hand and I have yet to see any Mod/Official Rep address this ongoing problem.
Honorary Alumnus

The "phone support/customer service" 9x's out of 10 is a joke...anyone that says they're greeatttt is delusional.

Tier one and tier two support levels for any product with a complexity greater than a grain of sand are "filters".

...More customers should call the corporate office directly the number really should be posted on the forum right next to the "phone support" number.

And this works how ? How big do you think the corporate headquarters/social media department of any corporation is ?

Do you have any clue as to the complexity of a computer ? a networked computer ?

Do you understand how many novice users there are out there ?

Again, the lower tiers of any support organizations are filters, To quantify the type and nature of a problem .. surely you can see that not every problem is going to have the same root cause.

New Member

^^Did you even read the OP's concerns or did you gloss over it?

You're acting as if no customer should call the corporate office as if somehow it will leave them all frazzled..When customers are given the-run-around and disrespected via "phone support" the next step up is corporate--it's only at that level where customers are taken seriously and their problems are taken care of in a timely manner (most of the time)..I'm sure a multi-billion dollar corporation like Hughesnet is well equipped to deal with customers concerns at the corporate level it's part of the business.
Distinguished Professor IV

When you are replying to someone's comment, it's best to reply directly to their comment, like I am doing with yours. 

Secondly, I would be willing to bet that anyone who calls the corporate office is going to be directed right back to customer service.  Corporate doesn't deal directly with the customers, so it would be a waste of time. 

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They will deal directly with the customer in certain situations by assigning an Executive Care representative. It comes from the top down though, highly doubt someone calling in is going to get very far. Like calling the corporate office at Comcast or AT&T and asking to speak to someone at that level, not going to happen.

Kathy and MsLiz- We understand your points. It is important to note though, that a poster who really does have great support experiences may find your reference to being delusional offensive.  NTL, we're assessing action and do appreciate all feedback.
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