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High internet uses need advice

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High internet uses need advice

Let me start by saying that i know very little about or the devices that access it for that matter. My knowledge consist of put what i want in the google bar and hit enter. Ive been a costumer for roughly 3 months now and noticed my family goes through the 20 GB we ordered in 2-3 days time.I have 5 teenagers living at home and all of them have phones they keep hooked in and 2 xbox ones and 2 tv's which stream netflix and HBO pretty much all day between them. Is there something i can do or have them do to save data to help or did i just order to small of a package. I tried looking online to find answers and found so many conflicting ones that i'm even more confused. our switches to a lower speed when our high speed runs out so its not like we are without its just a bit slower and will not run my hulu at that point. If someone can help me figure out what i need to do to or if i just need to buy larger package i would be grateful.

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20 GB spread out over 30 days means your family as a whole can use slightly over a half a GB per day; this daily data has to be further divided among users/devices, so it's not much at all, and it doesn't work very well for streaming, which uses a lot of data. Even if you had the highest data package we can currently buy (50GB) that would not cover a lot of streaming. Satellite internet is limited in the amount of available data, and while it can be used for streaming, this streaming has to be seriously managed so you have enough to last the month.


With limited data, data management and budgeting are essential. You may want to start by reading this post:


You may also consider seriously limiting the amount of streaming your family does; maybe get your entertainment some other way, like with DVDs.

  Your biggest problem may be the two streaming TVs which could use between 1 to 3.2 gig an hour.  At that rate the largest data plan available wouldn't be enough.  It would be better just to get a TV satellite dish.  Also some smart phones update all of their apps periodically which could use gigs of data.


  There are three posts pinned to the top of this board about data usage.  Managing your data is Just something you have to put up with on a satellite connection.  If you can get a cable ISP, that would be the way to go.