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History Graph Upgrade/Change

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History Graph Upgrade/Change

RE: Usage History changes


There was a recent change to the Usage History graph.  It now only shows prior and current month usage on a declining graph from your refresh/starting amount showing as it decreases daily during the month.  The same onformation is seen on the Status Meter.  The Daily history showing usage by hour and the monthly usage shoying usage by day has been eliminated.  This significantly decreases the users ability to control his/her account, especially if they have children in the house.


Can the old usage history be restored so we can better manage our usage? 

Associate Professor

It's essentially the same graph but in inverse order...

Before it was Zero + Used for 24 hour period = result.

Now it's Allowance Cap - Used for 24 hour period = result.

The same information is there to be honest.

@C0RR0SIVE wrote:

It's essentially the same graph but in inverse order...

The same information is there to be honest.

Except for the loss of the very valuable rolling 24 hour history:

MyAccount History Meter snip.PNG

I completely agree! I used that rolling graph constantly to check that things were happening when I wanted them to - and to see what things I did had what effect. I would LOVE to have that back. The way it is now is just not helpful.


Not holding my breath.

I agree.  I loved the old way of graphing the use by hour in a 24-hour period.  I can't tell anything, other than total data usage for the day, with the new method.  Please bring back the old graph.  The new one is pointless.


Hi folks,


Thank you for sharing your valuable feedback. We want to ensure you have the tools to help you manage your data allowance. I'll send your suggestions to our developers for their consideration, thanks again!


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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