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Horrible Internet 2018

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Horrible Internet 2018

So I am posting on a Sunday, and I know there is no tech support on here today. But it doesn't matter as they don't do a thing to fix or resovle my service since June 2017. 


I am just extremely mad again today. I don't know why, I should be used to this by now.  I see there ads and cry bullcrap. Who actually is getting this speed after the first month? Anyone? Not me. 


The internet is so bad that I did have to buy a hotspot to use if I really need to do something. Of course this is not a option due to the cost of bandwidth. The hotspot reminds of what I once had when I first received Gen5, except it was actually better than this.


I havent posted due to getting so mad, it was better to try dealing with support though messages at the time (for stress) but it has not done one thing.


All we get is promises of promise or plans to implement plans. But what is being done to fix the issue that has been going on since release.


Here is a link for your reading pleasure.


So of course my internet is still making me extremely upset. Still problems continue to worsen and there still is no update on any fixes.


Do we have any plans made to fix things? Or still making that plan?


I am sure there are tons of people who just get tired of having to deal with it, and just don't want to post anymore since it a lesson in frustration.


Let us know whats going on.

Yes, Very upsetting. Hard to believe the poor service can go on without some kind of fix. Billing Dept. is working well.