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Horrible Tech Support


Horrible Tech Support

Neven in my life have I encountered tech support like Hughes. I called when my internet went down last week. I told the tech that my dish was hit by my lawn people and knocked out of alignment. I could see that the dish was pointing east instead of south. The tech kept insisting it was the weather. I told him all I wanted was a service call to realign the dish and I would be happy to pay the charges. What should have been a 5 minute phone call turned out to be 45 minutes. He kept putting me on hold to check with his "advanced techs" and each time he came back he insisted that the weather was the issue and he could not authorize a service call. He would not listen to what I was telling him. After me finally losing my temper and 45 minutes on the phone, he agreed to sending out a service rep, but it would take 6 days. After ending the call, I decided to fix it myself. I was able to realign the dish with a signal stength app. I then called the service company and cancelled the appointment. They showed up anyway 6 days later and were annoyed that I would not let them in. I was not about to pay for a call that was no longer needed.


Re: Horrible Tech Support

Hello Vince, I am sorry for the experience you had with trying to get your dish realigned. I did go over your account and I wanted to let you know I took the steps necessary to make sure that you would not be getting charged for the tech visit when you had fixed the issues your self. If you have any other issues or concerns please message me back and I will gladly assist you further!