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Horrible company I was in tears with the way customer service treated me.

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Horrible company I was in tears with the way customer service treated me.

Found out I could get Hughes net down at our house.  Bought my kids/family a 70 inch tv and an xbox for Christmas.  It is now March and we are still not able to use either!!!  When I signed up for the Internet I was assured that I would never use all the data in the package and this is why I decided to drop my cell phone data package and go with Hughes net.  HUGE MISTAKE.  My kids can't watch movies and it is painful to try to put in a new game into the xbox only to have it sit there for 2 hours trying to upload.  I have called several times with the last time being the worse.  I got disconnected 4 times and had to call them.  They could not connect me to the person I was talking to prior but assured me that we would not be disconnected and they would figure it out.  I was told at one point that we have slow internet in my house because we have the router literally 10 feet with a straight shot from the tv using Hughe's nets equipment.  The service guy wanted me to put my laptop into safe mode then when he could get it out of safe mode wanted me to contact microsoft and complain to them about my new computer.  F*QK THIS COMPANY.  My kids still can't watch movies on the new tv and i am still getting billed.  Oh and I have called several times to tell them that my name is NOT F*QKING REGINA and I would like their emails and profile to reflect that but they won't fix anything.  THEY CAN TAKE THEIR $H*TTY SERVICE AND GO F*QK THEMSELVES......

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Now, if you want help please describe your issue more clearly, are you mostly having issues with speeds? What system are you using, HN9000, HT1100 or the HT2000w? Have you gone over your monthly data allowance by chance?


I was told we used our data allowance in the first couple of days.  I found that odd since we can't do anything with the internet.  I have switched back to using our phone lines for most internet because it is faster. 


You can view your data allowance at to see if you are in fact out of allowance.  Please be aware, an Xbox One game can be about 50-60GB in size, and updates tend to be rather massive, in the 20GB+ range.  Most games when they come out will have a "Day One" patch that can be rather large and will begin to download as soon as the game disk is inserted.

Also make sure your Xbox One is setup so it doesn't download updates while it's sleeping/off.

Also, make sure the TV if it's connected isn't downloading un-needed information such as TV Guide information or if streaming, that it's not streaming in HD resolutions.


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