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Horrible internet service. What’s up with that!!

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Horrible internet service. What’s up with that!!

I can not believe how slow my internet service is!!!! I live on a higher elevation, with there being no possible way of interference caused by trees, etc.... and I am still receiving speeds as low as 29kbp????!!!! I have checked the satellite on numerous occasions to make sure it was clear of leaves and such but still nothing has helped. I have tried all the trouble shooting tools they give you and again, no help. Something is seriously wrong with this picture!!!! I say HughesNet Falsely advertises their service in a BIG way. I’m so sick and disappointed with all this hassle. It’s not worth the money I pay out each month. If anyone could possibly help in any way I would greatly appreciate it. Maybe it’s the equipment. Idk but I’m paying hard earned money for something that hasn’t worked like advertised after the first month of service.

Hello Candice,

  I'm glad you found the community, thank you for posting. I am disappointed to hear about the slow speeds you are receiving. Please see your private messages for further assistance.