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How do I download PC Essentials

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How do I download PC Essentials

I have searched all help guides, but I don't have an area in the upper right hand corner of my screen to download anything. Help!

Re: How do I download PC Essentials

Hello calomacarter,

Welcome to our community! This is a good question since we are kind of in the middle of updating our guides, we can go back to this one and expand it more. The latest article is

Quick steps to download PC System Essentials is to click on Shop/Upgrade at the top of this page, then click on My Current Services. You should be able to download it from there. Please let me know if you need any further assistance and I will be happy to help.

Thank you,
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Re: How do I download PC Essentials

There is NO "My Current Services"  There will be a refund for what I 've paid for this crap you don't have a download page for.  I'M pissed I'm being so disrespected and pissed off.  WHere is the **bleep** download page that every other service provider has.  ON the page under my plan where it has PC Essentials it onlydescribesk no download.  GET A PROFESSIONAL ON THIS NOW.  I HAD BETTER HAVE A DOWNLOAD PAGE AND A YEAR OF FREE SERVICE FOR ALL MY TIME THAT HAS BEEN WASTED AND THE DISRESPECT.  PERIOD

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Re: How do I download PC Essentials



First, please follow the Community Guidelines and Terms of Service when using this Community.  This is a public site.  Please be respectful of others. 


Secondly, this is your first post here (other than your other strange comment on the FAQ page).  No one has disrespected you, though you are disrespecting others with your uncalled for virulence. 


With this said, please see the info in the following link about how to see this service and download it. 


Edit:  In addtion, the "My Services" link is at the very top of this page.  It's in between My Account and Shop/Upgrade.   

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