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How do i get someone out here to fix my internet?

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How do i get someone out here to fix my internet?

I had my internet installed a week ago and all it does is buffer. I pay extra a month for speedy repair service but I can't get anybody to listen to me about how crappy the internet is. They said I had too many devices connected. The most I ever have is 6 devices but it does it with one. I even bought an ethernet cable and it buffers with that. 





Thank you for posting and welcome to the community. While 6 devices is something the network can handle, bandwidth plays a big role in how well things work. If the devices in the 6 are using tons of data and are high demand, this can take away precious bandwidth when trying to do things on other devices. For example, if you are trying to stream, disconnecting as many devices as possible can help free this up. This gets even better when the device is connected via Ethernet. Provided you have not exceed your monthly data allotment and your speeds have not been throttled, lowering the resolution of your content should heavily reduce buffering as well. There a few other ways to prevent buffering or completely eliminate it. Please let me know if you would like additional tips. 


Please keep in mind that this is satellite internet, and it is largely used by customers who do not have access to cable-based or DSL ISPs. This service should not be used as a replacement for regular cable based or DSL ISPs. HughesNet speeds are fast for satellite technology, however, if you are accustomed to cable internet or DSL speeds higher than 25 mbps, the speed for HughesNet will feel much slower. This is due to latency. Latency refers to the amount of time it takes a packet of data to travel across a network. With satellite service, that data must travel up to the satellite and back (about 45,000 miles). This does create a greater delay that is not present with common terrestrial-based providers. In normal cable-based or cell tower services, the signal is ground-based which makes these types of services can feel faster.





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Is there any improvement if you disconnect the devices you're not actively using? 

It constantly buffers if it's one device or 6. I have reset all my devices I have done everything I can do and what they have told me to do but still nobody wants to fix the problem. I have plenty of remaining data it's still at 99%. There is definitely a problem but no one will listen and fix it. I don't understand what the extra 12.99$ a month for speedy repair I pay is for if nobody's gonna repair anything.

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I'm sure the reps here will check on this for you -- However, with satellite internet, the number of devices using the system does impact quality, sometimes seriously, which is why I asked.  The reps here can check your modem remotely to see whether there's an issue with the equipment and they can then make a determination about next steps. 


What are you doing when it's buffering? Is it streaming? Does regular internet usage such as browsing or checking email work OK?