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How quickly will 15gb disappear if I stream Netflix for 5 hours a day?

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How quickly will 15gb disappear if I stream Netflix for 5 hours a day?

I don't understand the whole 15gb thing. Yes, I'm a bit of a computer moron (but I bet I could run circles around you with my Word and Excel knowledge, LOL). How does this work? My daughter and I both have iPhones with 15gb of shared data. As far as the home internet access goes we use our iPhones and she streams Netflix about 5 hours a day. What if we go over our allotted 15gb? I know to shut of the HD on Netflix as well as the auto-update features on our phones and computer. I had the 10gb package but the installer told me that it would be used up quickly by streaming a movie or two on Netflix. The only reason I switched carriers is because I wanted faster speeds than I was getting with Frontier. Anywho, any info is appreciated but I would prefer you make your statements like I'm a 5 year old so I can understand it.  Thanks!
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I've read a lot of the comments and I'm not feeling comfortable about my change to HughesNet (guess I should have investigated more before switching). I have 30-days to cancel though right?

Hi Smotto,

These are general, so it can vary by device. Also you said 15 GB each? If your speaking of our service this would be to share. 5 hours a day will eat up your data quickly. However you also have bonus bytes of 50 GB during 2 am - 8 am. If that is not feasible we offer tokens that can be purchased to extend your allowance further. Let me know if this helps in clearing things up for you.

- Chris
Assistant Professor

First look here and set you Netflix accounts to stream in standard or low definition:

Going by what Netflix says the usage is, it is then simple division. The 15 GB is 15 with 9 zeros and 300 MB is 300 with 6 zeros.

15,000,000,000 divided by 300,000,000 (300 MB/hour) equals about 50 hours at low definition. At standard definition (700 MB/hour) it would be about 21 hours of viewing.

This is assuming you do nothing else online though. Plus there would be a small percentage more for upload communication.

Like Chris says, even at low definition 5 hours per day would eat your Anytime data in 10 days.
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Wow! It really looks like I shot myself in the foot here; I'm paying an outrageous amount of money for what I thought would be better service than Frontier. Guess I should have investigated further, which is what I will be doing. I'm on a very tight budget and, like most, I live paycheck to paycheck. This is just not going to work with what I need.
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All satellite services are similar. The amount of usage you are wanting is pretty much only available with cable ground based internet.
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Just an idea.  If you MUST watch a lot of Netflix, there is something called NightShift, which can record the program/movie during the bonus period so you can watch it at another time.  Google Nightshift and Netflix to see.  I've seen it mentioned on these boards, though I can't vouch for it myself.  Just an idea.   

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Thanks for the info GabeU, I'll look into it. I hate that I just laid out mega bucks for something I was mislead to believe that I would have no issues with the amount of Netflix I would be able to stream.


Keep your DSL.
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What was the speed and reliability of your DSL? Low and even standard definition Netflix should stream well at around 2 Mbps if the speed is constant.
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That 1app/game/song downloaded really should remove... Most apps for mobile devices are reaching into the 30-200mb range + daily updates, and I know of no games that would be close to 4MB in size, for computers, or mobile devices.
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