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How to Keep Netflix from Using All Your Data

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How to Keep Netflix from Using All Your Data

I know this article is mostly for phones but I thought it might have some useful information for Hughesnet users as well. After all we are a capped service like the phones.

Netflix uses a lot of data, about 1 GB per hour while watching standard definition content. If you’re on a mobile connection with a data cap, which most people usually are, then that’s way too much.

In order to rein in how much data your phone or tablet is using on your mobile connection, you first should make sure that you have the very latest Netflix update. You can find it in the App Store updates if you’re on iPhone or iPad, and in your Play Store updates if you’re using an Android device.

First, tap the three lines in upper-left corner to access the slide-out panel.


Good call - Netflix recently updated the amounts when they added the Ultra High quality option. I definitely don't recommend trying to binge watch every season of LOST in a month with a capped!

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I have a great way to keep Netflix from using all of your data, too.  Don't sign up.  Heh heh. 

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