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How to read my DAILY bandwidth usage chart/graph?!

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How to read my DAILY bandwidth usage chart/graph?!

I'm trying to understand the daily usage chart. I can certainly tell when my data usage spikes and when it drops, but what is it actually telling me. If I see 350MB of bandwidth used at 12 noon, does that mean I've used 350MB sinch 11:00, or is this an average, or something else? Over the past month, we've suddenly quadrupled our bandwidth usage without changing anything about our service or practices. Trying to find out what's up?! So, the question I'd like answered is... WHAT EXACTLY IS THE BANDWIDTH/HOUR DATA TELLING ME IN MY DAILY USAGE GRAPH?

Hi bobregis,

Thanks for posting and welcome. Which usage chart are you looking at? The status meter or the one located on If you post a screenshot of your actual usage I can give you a better detail explanation of your specific usage. Hope to hear from you soon.

- Chris
Assistant Professor

The day graph at shows usage for each hour, you just hover over the dot to get the exact amount for the hour. You have to add up the dots if you want to know usage for a period of hours or a day.

EDIT: The Week graph will show the day usage. It is a bit counter intuitive for sure. Again, must hover over each dot to see the amount for the particular day.
New Member

Thanks, BirdDog... I was afraid that's how it was supposed to be read.  Something has been chewing up our bandwidth at a rate of a half GB per hour at times, and it's nothing we're doing.  MalwareBytes has identified over 2500 "trojan" files on my wife's laptop.  I cleared them last night and usage was MUCH lower, though most of it would have been in bonus bytes anyway.  I'll track it and make a final post to let you know if we've "plugged the leak".  Thanks for the quick response and explanation!

Glad we were able to help.
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