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Hughes Logic


Hughes Logic

Since the "instructors" and "professors" don't want me to talk, (they now call it trolling), I'm starting a new post and it will be one message long.


Customers that have poor service, huge data losses or more notably very slow speeds, that post on here for help very often get frustrated and disappointed in the lack of actual solutions offered.In many cases, none. They are stuck with this poor service or get to cancel and pay big bucks to not use something. That is wrong, very wrong. Let me put it in perspective for you.


Let's say you bought a new SUV that was advertised to get 30 mpg, with a certain amount of cargo space, and other features. You pay good money for it and go on what the advertising and the dealer says and how it looks. You drive it. It is getting 8 mpg on the highway with no a/c running. You can't get any but the smallest luggage inside and the gps only works some of the time. You go back to the dealer and let him know. He says, hmm, well, it should be working fine so go back and run a few more tanks of gas through it, drive it on the highway, on shorter trips, on longer trips, with and without the a/c on, turn your gps on and off a few times, and try and put your luggage in a little differently and it should be fine but regardless report back to me. So you do just that. Nothing has changed except you now are out a few unnecessary trips and tanks of gas and put extra miles on an otherwise new vehicle. You go back to the dealer. He says, hmm, let me check a few things. He looks up some things and makes a few calls and says to you, well it appears it's working just fine, maybe it's just the way you're driving or putting your luggage in there. Try a few more ways. If that doesn't work I'll take the SUV back but you still have to pay 90% of the purchase price.


Does that seem right to you?


Conversation over, Mark.


Re: Hughes Logic

This conversation was over two posts ago when you failed to listen to others here telling you you're wrong. Instead, you call us rude and persist, looking to drag us (by name) back into it. Yeah, that's called trolling.


One day, you need to come back and read the rambling explanation you just wrote. Not only does it not make a bit of sense, it has zero relevance (to use your word) to what's been talked about. Well, maybe to you it does.


Here's a life tip: Most people don't believe every word a salesperson says, especially a car salesman. And I certainly doubt people would perform psuedo-scientifc studies to prove your perception of those statements to be right or wrong. I guess you do though. The word for that is: naïve. Look it up. Also look up the term: caveat emptor - much more relevant in this case.


Again, if you're looking for help to solve something instead of shouting vitriol from your soapbox, let us know. Otherwise... as you were...


Byeeee... 😬

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.