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Hughes PS Fortnite Gaming Ping Booster Century

Somehow through (I believe it was a phone line Internet connection with Century lol) we were able to play fort nite live on PS but with this new Hughes Net the ping is so high that it is too laggy and at times, frustrating to play. I may have high hopes as I was used to dsl local cable company fast speed in the past before the phone line Century..). The speed on century link was slower 2mbps yet somehow performance is impaired even with Hughes faster speed. Bought a WiFi booster and am running ps through a wired connection from the booster (originally programmed the booster from the main router by plugging in Ethernet and then waiting for solid blue light then unplugging and relocating to the gaming room.). Performance is slightly better with the booster- it’s do-able: will upload video of performance tomorrow) but it seems like there must be a way from their end to improve ping. Just wondering. Thanks

Ps: I think the Booster can be useful
And I bet most of it is finding the perfect direction to point the satellite
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Real time online gaming does not work well with HughesNet, if it works at all.  Very often the game won't even start due to the system determining that the latency is too high to bother.  The distance of signal travel alone, which is over 90,000 miles, accounts for most of it, with the latency normally sitting in the 600ms - 700ms range.  Unfortunately, there is no way to improve it.


Turn based games, on the other hand, usually aren't affected. 

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