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Hughes does a bait and switch, refuses do correct and lies to customers

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Hughes does a bait and switch, refuses do correct and lies to customers

Hughes has lied to me since I started with them, first with bait and switch. Then by misleading me. Telling me that I didn't need a land line and I could use wifi with no problems.  Well don't have a problem because if you don't have a land line or they can't help you solve the problem...don't have a tablet or wifi notebook because they will accuse you of using data that you aren't using.  I have been fighting with them for a year and half.  While I was in town where I can get a signal for my phone, and my power at the house was shut off, modem unplugged they some how stole another 418MB of data while I was talking to them.  and accused me of having my modem plugged in.  Wouldn't have done any good if it had been, there was no power on in the house.  They say it is my fault that I have such slow speeds because I use wifi....this morning 2.2MBPS down and 148KBPS up... a long way from what I am paying for.  this is normal.They never told me that I wouldn't have speed if I bought the recommended modem and used it. O and look at the TV me one that shows the users hard wired to the modem while they are telling gullible people that they have high speed...yea, they may have high speed, IF you live in town, IF you are directly connected to the modem...they don't tell people that on the Telly.
I was promised replacement of 3GB of data for my inconvenience on date never received it. 
To date, they are nothing but a broken record, though they did add a new track.  Seems not only can Chat NOT help, E-mail support can NOT help now the "Advanced Tech" says the only place to get help is here on the community form...which can't reimburse me for the hundreds of GB of data stolen and can't give me the speed I need and am paying for and uses up the small amount of data I have left each month since Hughes steals 3/4 of my data. 
I will not be returning to this page.  Just thought I would add my disgust with the lying and scamming that Hughes does to the long list, I think it was over 4000 people.  I truly hate this company 

You just posted your complaint here on this forum. At least give them a chance to help you.
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You flat out refused to take any steps to address the data issue.  If you refuse, there's not much anyone can do for you.  

No one said your router is causing you to have lower speeds, only that the router can cause speed problems.  

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People, including the reps, have already tried.   Numerous times.  He/she refuses to participate in discovering the problem by refusing to perform the modem isolation test.  

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I stand corrected. I did not view his/her post history before posting.
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Ok then ...

Of course you never did respond to any of the suggestions or steps that were posted in reply.

You made numerous statements alleging theft of your service but not so much as a single screenshot of your usage meter to substantiate your allegations.

Once again I'm going to give this information:

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"I am not sure what you are asking"

I would like to better define the difference between "usage meter" and "usage history".

Hughes provides you with a number of "tools",



What is the difference?

A usage meter can be compared to a FUEL GAUGE .... think "gallons" used and "gallons" remaining.

A HISTORY display displays volumes of  data that passed in a defined point of time.

You have a monthly data allotment.

That data allotment is divided into two periods:

Anytime Bytes (8am to 2am)

Bonus Bytes (2am to 8am)

These are your "Fuel Tanks"

In truth you really have THREE fuel tanks, Anytime, Bonus Bytes and Token Bytes

Lets look at the three Fuel Gages:

#1: The download Status Meter

The Download Status Meter is a utility that is available for download from the myAccount page.

Once downloaded and installed it will reside on your computer systray at the lower right corner.

It displays the amount of data that you have used up to the point of the screenshot.

It has a "resolution" of .1 GB (100 MB) and will round to the nearest 50 MB

#2: SCC usage meter:

The SCC meter resides inside your modem. It displays data used and data remaining in all three "data buckets": Anytime (8am to 2am), Bonus Bytes (2am to 8am) and Token Data.

The SCC meter may be accessed by entering into your browsers address bar.

#3: myAccount Usage Meter:

This meter is found after logging in at:

This is the most accurate of the three meters, reading down to a single MB but it does require that you have a browser actively connected to the internet and data can be used while logging in

The only time that data is being used (stolen in your terms) is when the remaining data in any of the three DATA BUCKETS in any of the above listed FUEL GAUGES.

These three meters are very close to being real-time.

Now for the two HISTORY METERS:

#1: Download Status Meter HISTORY TAB:

As a "HISTORY" this is a backwards view of ACTIVITY occurring during a defined period. This display has a one to three hour delay.


Overhead and Command and Control is not charged against your allowance.


#2; myAccount History Display:


This display can be seen after logging in to the myAccount page and selecting USAGE/HISTORY

As noted above this is a HISTORY DISPLAY, it is delayed one to three hours. Not all of the activity seen in the display is deducted from your allowance.

If the "activity" is not deducted from your allowance there is no "USAGE".



Hi whitedogmum

We're sorry to hear you are still having the same problem, but we have tried to help you. I believe the reason we may sound like a broken record to you is that we still need your results of the data usage test. This was the image provided in both of your other threads. Upon double-checking those threads, I do not see your results posted in there. We do want to help you resolve any problems you might have, but we need you to work with us too.

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It's an interesting read, especially when the downright rude remarks start coming into the picture.  

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