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Stephen Fox
New Poster

HughesNet Phone Problems

So, I got into a screaming fit with HughesNet Phone Support yesterday trying to cancel my crappy HughesNet Phone. This phone just finished hanging up three times on a call with my nephew who recently moved to Tenn. in search of a career. BTW – look it up, HughesNet guru. There are a least 6 calls for assistance with my crappy HughesNet Phone since Dec. 2017.


In selling 1.2KW of solar panels to someone in Penn Valley the phone hung up twice and simply disappeared once, as it did ending the conversation with my nephew. Eventually both ends of the conversation simply give up, and neither bother calling back a third or fourth time – the crappy HughesNet Phone wears you out, like a misbehaving child.


Back to crappy HughesNet Service. Samantha was chatting with me because I prefer chat as it does not hang up unexpectantly and inconveniently, the crappy HughesNet Phone unwilling like I am to take the time and trouble navigating the long waits and delays navigating the crappy HughesNet Service Help menu system. I never, ever, make a connection  successfully. OK, maybe once, but your tech did have to call me back – TWICE. You’d think that would be enough to alert your crew there is a serious problem, but the only solution is the same one offered since 2015 – wait, we promise it will get better. If only….


Back to crappy HughesNet Service. Samantha said CALL HughesNet Phone Group as she could not help me. Sam refused to help, at all, saying there is no possible way HughesNet Support could offer me any kind of support. Good thing Hughes never sold bras – oh, wait…. I explained I can only chat because this crappy HughesNet Phone cannot make it through the crappy HughesNet Support Menu system. I gave up with Samantha. I got in my truck and drove 3 miles to the top of a hill where I get 2 bars on my cell phone.


I call crappy HughesNet Phone Group support on my cell phone, sitting along the side of the road in my truck. I forget the girl I was talking to, but she refused to cancel my crappy HughesNet Phone or release my will-known number back to AT&T until I agreed to pay a penalty for dropping my crappy HughesNet Phone before the end of my two year contract. That is when I blew.


Please explain, HughesNet gurus, how I am at fault for a phone that, by your own admission, and with a six-month discount financially paying for known problems, is my problem and I deserve to be punished for the decision to trust you with my phone service? Please explain – I’m all ears. I’ll publish your explanation even if I disagree. I like to think I am a fair person, and certainly my wife and I are honest to our own detriment.


Please explain why you refuse to, loudly and adamantly, and why you will not simply cease my crappy HughesNet Phone service, stop the billing, and no longer demand penalty for services NOT IN COMPLIANCE with normal expectations. This phone never adequately worked – not locally, not regionally, not countrywide. IT NEVER WORKED, dropping out, hanging up, disappearing leaving one or the other party talking into the vast ether, all conversation lost in space. You’d never pay for this level of service – why demand that I do?


Hi Stephen,


I see it's your first post here, so welcome to the community! Please check your private messages in the top right corner of the community page as I will send you a PM shortly to further address your concerns.



If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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