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HughesNet actually called me!

Tom Hughey

HughesNet actually called me!

I got a call this afternoon from HughesNet Voice. The caller wanted to ask me some survey questions. The first question was about my satisfaction with the GEN5 HughesNet Service. My response was that I was not satisfied and that the service was extremely slow during peak periods. I mentioned all the speed tests and other issues I was having.We never got to any other questions because during our conversation he said that tests on my system had shown that there was a problem with the "radio" on my antenna, not the modem. He proceeded to set up an appointment to have it replaced at no charge to me. I asked if the caller was an employee of HughesNet: yes. I checked the phone number the caller was calling from: yep, the right number. And, I was given a case number and appointment for next Wednesday.


I don't want to sound sceptical or ungrateful, but do you think this call was legitimate?


Tom Hughey

Associate Professor

Re: HughesNet actually called me!

Hughesnet will regularly call customers that either had a complaint, or new service installed (it's purely random whos called, or whos emailed!), to try and make sure customers are happy.  Just don't provide any information such as credit/debit card information over the phone for such calls.  If they find a customer isn't happy they will immediately begin troubleshooting steps to see what, if anything, can be done for the customer.