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HughesNet in breach of contract for Gen5 users.

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HughesNet in breach of contract for Gen5 users.

HughesNet advertised Gen5 at 25 Mbps.  The contract allows HughesNet a 50% reduction in download speed for a 12.5 Mbps download speed.  HughesNet is in a breach of contract for the Gen5 users who suffer through the download speeds below 12.5 Mbps.  It is a painful process working with HughesNet whose moral compass points somewhat to the South, however, a breach of contract is a breach of contract.  HughesNet will spend hours on the phone working your problem, HughesNet will send Techs out to your house that basically let you know they are sorry for your selection of HughesNet.  Join me in the battle to win the HughesNet breach of contract for speeds below 12.5 Mbps on Gen5 service. 

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Wrong, Hughesnet doesn't promise any rate of bandwidth, they advertise UPTO, and contractually state up to 25Mbps.  

Part 1, Section 1 - Speed Claims and Disclaimers
HughesNet service is available in the contiguous U.S., Alaska and Puerto Rico. Stated speeds and uninterrupted use of service are not guaranteed. Actual speeds will likely be lower than the maximum speeds during peak hours.  In addition, when connected to the Service using Wi-Fi, the user’s experience will vary based on the proximity to the Wi-Fi source and the strength of the signal, and its usage is subject to the Fair Access Policy. 

The listed speeds are only available in the footprint of the EchoStar XVII and EchoStar XIX Satellites. The HughesNet Gen5 Service with speeds of up to 25 mbps down and 3 mbps up is available within the contiguous United States. Speeds in parts of Alaska will be slower.


So HughesNet’s position and by contract is no service is acceptable as you have stated HughesNet is to provide up to 25Mbps and below 12.5 download is acceptable. The under 50% or 12.5 Mbps the call center reports as the contract minimum is not accurate? Even if HughesNet was savvy enough to include no minimum speeds in the contract, it is not an ethical way to conduct business. So HughesNet’s is indicating the end user’s case is False advertising on HighesNet’s part?

It is sad. The Tech on the phone couldn't help me and my emails go unanswered. I am shopping for another provider. I am near 70 and on Soc. Sec., good luck on the $400 etf. All i asked for was some help with this slow internet. Re: Mike

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To get individual help with your issue you should create a new topic.

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Are you a HughesNet employee? If so what minimum speed is acceptable to HughesNet before considering the speed is inadequate for 5Gen Service?

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You've been here long enough to know what is and isn't allowed, and you know very well that violating the Terms of Service isn't looked kindly upon.  

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I have a number of thoughts on Hughes censoring the phrase "F-C-C", none of them positive. But here's the situation: 


The employees supporting this community forum do a great job solving customers' problems in a professional manner and I truly believe they do everything in their power to make things right. However, there's a large and growing segment of the customer base that is experiencing a systemic and unresolvable (through customer or support representative action) service degradation that causes their service to be substandard at best and unusable at worst. These customers have no other resolution than to eat the ETF and find a new provider, if possible, or complain to a regulator and hope for some action. Preventing the latter by censoring advice from fellow customers is unethical at best.  


Hughes is not being transparent about the cause, extent, or possible resolution of this problem. That's the part that really stinks. 

I think everybody is looking at this wrong.  If the service is not provided folks do not pay for it.  Let HughesNet pursue the legal option to obtain the fees for early cancellation.


I agree with the unethical.  I have gotten there working with HughesNet.  After a few hours on the phone with HughesNet frustration turns to, unfortunately, performing at the same level as HughesNet. 


I could not make an appointment for someone to look at the Dish.  I tried to reschedule.  Customer Service told me to just reschedule with the Technician when the Tech calls a half hour before arriving.  The Tech is on his way to my house at that point.  Nobody sends the Tech when the customer is not going to be home.  I call back to cancel the appointment.

I also believe providng under 3 Mbps of service when paying for 25 Mbps of service isn't allowed.

I think you are looking at it wrong.  If the service is not provided, you don't pay for it.  Why should Hughesnet get a pass.  I certainly do not have a problem not paying HughesNet and seeing where it goes.

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At this point I am lucky to be getting 2mbps download. I am NOT happy.




I've located your account and will be running diagnostics to see if we can locate any problems. In the meantime, can you give me an idea of what sorts of online activities you do or would like to do on the service? How many and what types of devices do you have connected wired/wirelessly to the HughesNet Wi-Fi modem?


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Hi bsmcarthy,


After running diagnostics I could not find any problems with the HughesNet equipment. A connectivity test showed that there are 2 Apple TVs connected to the HT2000W by wi-fi. There is also a Netgear R7000 Nighthawk connected on the LAN port. If the Netgear router has the wi-fi bands turned on, this is definitely going to cause an interference problem with the HT2000W, because our modem's wi-fi is still enabled. This will be a problem, even more so, if the wireless frequencies are trying to use the same channel. 


I understand that you cancelled your service already, but since it is going to remain online until the end of your billing cycle, it may be worth a try to power off the Netgear router entirely and see if that makes a difference. Please note that if you have Video Data Saver enabled on your account and have manually set your Apple TVs to stream in a high definition, you will experience buffering. You can eliminate that issue by disabling the Video Data Saver feature on your HughesNet account, but please note this will use up your monthly data faster than lower definitions.


Since you have already ordered the cancellation, I am not sure if the technician will still go out, but if he does I would like to set the expectation with you that from my investigation here, there is nothing the technician would be able to do with the HughesNet equipment to resolve your concerns. The dish is pointed well and the modem is performing as it should. 


Thank you,