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HughesNet is very untruthful!!

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Joanne Johnson
New Member

HughesNet is very untruthful!!

I suspended my service in Oct, due to my mom getting sick and I had to go out of town for almost 4 mths. I called the end of Jan to re-instate service. At that time I paid $85 (pro-rate til Feb plus re-instatement fee). I called on Feb 16 to pay my bill. Imagine my surprise/shock when I was informed my bill was $206! I was given a bunch of bs about how I owed back fees, etc. I finally hung up after "discussing" this with a CSR. I kept asking to speak to a supervisor and repeatedly was told that "Wouldn't do me any good, no one higher up could help me.". I proceeded to pay my bill online-what my regular amount was, not the " extra" I was told I owed. Next day I checked my bank acct and saw that HN had taken it upon themselves to debit another $106 in a separate unauthorized transaction. They think they have us by the shorthairs because rural customers usually only have HN available to them. I had internet thru DirecTv for 7 yrs at $49.99. In 7 yrs I had ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS. Not with data usage, etc! When I moved 22 miles from my old address, I was told I could no longer have the same internet. Because I was in tech school, I still needed internet for class work so had no choice. I got the $59.99 pkg and had to upgrade the first month to $79.99 pkg. In 7 yrs with DirecTv I was in school the last 1 1\2 yrs. NEVER did I have oroblems-even when I forgot to log-off and was hooked up to internet for 2-3 days straight! Now I'm told my internet is $106/mth! I don't stream movies, game, etc. I ended up the last few mths of school to having to connect to MYVERIZON hot spot to use internet. WHAT A RIP-OFF!!

Good morning Joanne,

Welcome to our community, we're here to help. I am very sorry for your experience and hope that I can help clear things up. I would like to first find your account and investigate what happened and see what we can do to fix this. Please provide a recent case number or the serial number of your modem. This will let me find you and get started.

Thank you