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HughesNet voice issues

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HughesNet voice issues

We have used our monthly allowance for internet but was assured that would not affect our phone service. But this happens everytime we have this we get poor phone connections, dropped calls and unable to connect calls. I have called previously about this issue and yet it continues. I have no other options, there is no cell service at our home and we are dependent on this poor product. Would love some help finally getting this solved and not the don't use up your time when I have 2 people working from home

Distinguished Professor IV

According to their FAQ:


Q: If I exceed my plan Data, can I still make calls?

A: Yes. The Data you receive through your HughesNet Internet plan does not impact calls using the HughesNet Voice service.


Have you tried rebooting your ATA?

I have to admit I was having the same experience. I was out of data a couple of weeks ago. My phone would drop calls as well. It has never done it and since my plan has cycled I have not had the problem anymore.

I know the routine with HughesNet I always reboot my system when I have issues as its the first thing tech support asks you to do. No it didn't fix the issue. It never does

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"I know the routine with HughesNet I always reboot my system when I have issues"


As a psychic, I should've sensed that.