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HughesNet ... you must have a very different idea of what a 'business plan' should be.

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HughesNet ... you must have a very different idea of what a 'business plan' should be.

I recently moved to a sort-of rural area (I'm between two larger cities) and had to give up my rockin' cable Internet service. (That didn't go out in every thunderstorm.) After spending 20+ hours on the phone with AT&T trying to get service installed, I gave up. Unfortunately, AT&T can only find my house to install DirectTV, they can't find it to install Internet. No, I don't understand that, either, but it's true. Their customer service is abysmal, too.

I moved to plan B: HughesNet. It's my only other option at this location.  But, I digress. I called HN, explained what my needs were for my home-based business, and was sold a 'business plan'. I don't recall being told that the data allowance was PER MONTH, I honestly was under the impression that it was per day. The first month with HN must have been to lull me in. "Unlimited" kept coming up on my status meter, and I thought, even with the slow speeds, "I can make this work". A couple days into my new billing period, and I've used a third of my data doing my daily work. I am a designer, I work online all the time and upload huge files. What brainiac at HN decides that 30gb PER MONTH is a workable solution for a BUSINESS? Per DAY? Yes, that would be feasible. But, PER MONTH? and to suggest that amount accommodates up to five people is laughable. HughesNet, I really suggest that you come up with a REAL business plan that doesn't cost a small fortune and would actually be useful to a business. I also suggest you tell your technicians that telling customers 'What did you expect when you get a service that is a last resort' does nothing to help the image of the company.

I don't know HOW I'm going to make this work long term, but I'm going to have to as I don't have another option. I suppose I'm going to have to run to a lot of coffee shops or fast food joints in order to finish a day's work. Which is absurd. A Netflix subscription is DEFINITELY out of the question.

Hello Nicole

Thank you for posting and welcome to our community. We definitely do not want you to feel misled or lied to in any fashion! We can ask for a call recording review of your sales call and continue from there. Do you have a recent case number or the serial number of your modem that we can use to locate your account and get started?

Thank you

Amanda, I'm not sure what you can do. I'm stuck with this service as it's all that is available. Somehow I have to make this work. I've upgraded my plan to the maximum I can afford. I have no other options. I just want it strongly suggested to the powers at the top that they need to reevaluate what a business' needs are and offer plans which accommodate that. To call this a 'business' plan is really insulting to those of us who operate a business that has to rely on high speed Internet service. I hope that this is something which can be addressed in the very very near future. It would do a lot for the company image and make people using your services a whole lot happier. Even if this is a 'last resort' Internet option, it should at least be useful!!!
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The problem is all customers are sharing limited satellite and gateway throughput at any given time. They have the caps to prevent people from opening the spicket and leaving it open. It is why even with the caps most people still experience some slowdown during peak times.
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Nicole.miller I would provide Amanda with the info she asked for and see if there isnt a way she can make this work better for you, it cant hurt
Associate Professor

Just a few things... Business A might be a large farm equipment manufacture that uses the internet for only one thing, orders.  Business B might be a production company that uses the internet to upload and download video content, music, and so on.

Chances are, Business A will be in the country, while Business B on the other hand will be near a city.

If you want higher data limits, you may want to consider buying extra data, or, look into an enterprise contract...  Don't think you will enjoy the cost of enterprise though.

Hi Nicole

Like Charles McCool said, it won't do you any bad to let me try to work something out, but I do need to find you first (there are a lot of Nicole Millers!). The serial number at the back or bottom of your HughesNet modem will let me find you very quickly so I can start investigating and working to a solution with you.

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