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Hughesnet Outage Occuring?

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Hughesnet Outage Occuring?

Is Hughesnet having issues with its gen 5 service? My internet has continuously cut off and on several times this evening. I am just wondering if it is on my end or if others are having the same problem. FYI... the skys are clear here and signal strength at 100-105. I am on beam 84. Gateway 1.

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Is this something new?  I checked your gateway, which is in Albuquerque, and it doesn't look like there's any weather there that could be causing anything.  I think they had a little bit of rain earlier, but nothing major.  


Did you see the lights go off on your modem, or did you see any state codes in the SCC, by chance?    


Edit:  I haven't had any issues here, though I'm on a different beam and gateway.  

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No issues here, though I'm on a different beam.  What does your dashboard say under System Summary and System Status?


Hello coreyellis1, I ran diagnostics on my end to see if there was any reason you were having difficulties. Everything did come back with positive results, so please let us know if you are still experiencing the same issue.