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Hughesnet Voice Issues/Observations

First time posting.  I would like to start off with some issues I am having with my Hughesnet Voice Service.  When I try to make a call, I have a 50% chance of the call going through.  When I finially managed to get a call to go through, the call is garbled/squelching/hear-every-5th-word/un-usable.  This issue has been going on for months at what I thought was random times.


I have made some observations during all weather conditions and different dates over the months.  They are as follows:

Hughesnet Voice works when I have not exceded my data allowance.  

When I enter the FAP (Fair Access Policy) mode, I get the phone and Voice issues as stated above. 

Weather does have some impact, but not as much as using all my data allowance.


Under the frequently asked questions ( ) , it states:


"Q: If I exceed my plan Data, can I still make calls?

A: Yes. The Data you receive through your HughesNet Internet plan does not impact calls using the HughesNet Voice service."


Is this a lie?  Was I sold a Hughesnet Voice Plan under false pretenses?  Is there something I am missing?


I do not have cell service where I live, so I am limited in my options.  I have reset everything multiple times.  I prioritized my ATA Mac address into the QoS on the router.  I do not have any additional router/modem/device connected.  Unfortantly, seems like everything in my house utilizes internet in one form or another, so I do go over my data limit frequently.


I am wondering if there is something else I can do, or am I out of luck when I use my data allowance?

Distinguished Professor IV

My understanding is that data allowance does not affect HughesNet Voice, just like the FAQ says. Your system may be glitching out and may need some tech help to restore it to normal, though. 


I'm sure the reps here will pipe in as soon as they can to address your concerns.  Hang in there. 




I see it's your first post! Welcome to the Community! As maratsade stated, your data allowance shouldn't be affecting your ability to make phone calls. We'd definitely like to take a look into this for you, but I was unable to find the account attached to your Community profile. Please send me your account number or a phone number tied to the account to this link, and we'll be happy to look into it for you!