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Hughesnet conned me into this

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Hughesnet conned me into this

It's been almost a month and this is near the highest speed I've ever seen from this dishonest company

They wont let me out without ruining my credit

Ive lost track of the number of lies I've been told so far 

How It's even legal for Hughes to con people into a 2 year contract is something I will never understand

This speed is useless 

I eant out but was told I would've had to cancel before installation 

Why would I do that when I didnt yet know that I had been conned?




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To have speed issues addressed in this community, first you will need to follow the procedure detailed here:


EDIT: This procedure is required for the reps on this site to take a look at your speed issues. Once you follow the procedure and post the results, they may ask you to provide further information if they need it. 

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I'm paddling upstream against the current alongside you.

They will not even accept my complaints in the email box.

I have been here since Dec 4, and have yet to watch a complete

movie without reloading at least 25 times an hour. I googled 'slow

HughesNet speeds' and saw a comment from a competitor where

Hughes has oversold their product and do not have strong enough

signals to spread over the US, even during offpeak hours.

This sucks and I'm stuck here for 22 more months. BUT, I will never

give Hughes a good review, no matter how good they become in the

future. NEVER AGAIN...

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Keep your expectations realistic: HughesNet is not ideal for streaming.  Read the subscriber agreement and the website to see the disclaimers. 


Why not ask for help to improve your experience?


Ultimately, if the service doesn't work for you, you can always cancel, keeping in mind you will have to pay a fine for cancelling the contract early, something that is a common practice with most ISPs. 


If you are just here to voice your displeasure, you're in the wrong place and should go to social media. This site is for tech and account solutions, not for service reviews. 


Good luck and God bless. 

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First, the statement about "strong enough signals" is not only ridiculous, it makes no sense.  There are only three small pockets of the contiguous US that can't receive signals from the Echostar 19 satellite, and they are covered by the Echostar 17 satellite, which also provides Gen5 service.  The only time a signal is too weak to provide service is when it's affected by weather or the dish is out of alignment.


Second, "oversold" is a subjective term.  What is oversold?  If you're going by the strictest of terms, as in guaranteeing 25Mbps to all customers at any given time of the day, barring technical or weather issues, then the service would have to be locked down to a relatively small number of subscribers, and each of those customers would have to pay a ridiculous price for service in order for HughesNet to remain a viable company.  Likely $1000 or more per month.  Are you going to pay that?  Of course not.  Nor is anyone else.  So, they continue to sell, just as their main competitor does, both to offer the most expensive form of internet to provide and maintain, per capita, at a reasonable price, and because an internet connection in this day and age is still important, and to tell people who have no other hope of internet, "Sorry, streaming may not work perfectly because of system load, so we aren't accepting any new customers.", would just be wrong on so many levels.

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"Likely $1000 or more per month."


Imagine the complaints...

New Member

They did the same to me.... The service IS HORRIBLE TO SAY THE LEAST.... $60 + bucks a mth for 20 gigs of data that is used up the first day... LITERALLY! NO I WILL NOT BUY MORE...

RIDICULOUS! Constant buffering...all day and evening.....

Why are we paying for data? I can't keep giving them more money for a **bleep** service I came even use...and before you think you can hook up any secursystem to it, you CANT! Beware!! This is as bad as it gets!!! Don't waste your time and money with these fools!


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You using 20GB in one day and then being throttled the rest of the time is not the fault of HughesNet.  How quickly you burn through your data is entirely up to you.

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Stacy, if the service is so awful, cancel it. Pay the ETF and go on your merry way. Like you ask, why are you paying for data? If it's so horrible, drop it. 

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