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Hughesnet email not secure

My hughesnet email is not secure -  it does not have the "s" in the http.  HughesNet, will you be fixing this anytime soon?  I don't like using my email via an insecure connection, especially since I am paying for the service! 

BTW, This is true regardless of which browser I use.


.hughesnet email NotSecure 2018-12-14_14-22-01.png




.hughesnet email NOT secure 2018-12-14_10-34-00.png


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Yep.  This has been brought up in the past, and there was supposed to be a system update to address it, I believe.  I forgot all about it, but I'm glad your post brings it up again.  


I should add that the reps are on M-F from approximately 8AM to 5PM EST, though they're on during the weekends once in a while.  They'll reply to this.  🙂 

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I was chatting online with them and the gal there insisted that it was a browser issue.  She said that I should check my anitvirus settings; she also said to unplug the ethernet cable and restart my PC, then plug the ethernet back in.  She gave me, what she said was the correct URL to their webmail, but when I went there (as she waited), the text on their page said: Sorry, you cannot access that from here. 

And even with that error message, she said it was something that *I* had to fix on my end.

The URL she gave me

But, I also got this one from somewhere

For now, I'm using Outlook, which I used to use all the time until it got wierd.

Anyway, thanks for your reply!



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I hope you get an answer. I ask the samething almost a year ago. So far no answer from HN.



Hello 0rangeGal,

Thank you for reaching out to us. I apologize for the issues with the unsecured email. I will have this escalated and see if there are any updates on it. 



@0rangeGal wrote:

For now, I'm using Outlook, which I used to use all the time until it got wierd.

I use the secure POP connection in Outlook (Mac Office 365). Generally works ok, and I prefer it to webmail.
Any client that will connect to via 995 (SSL) for incoming, and via 465 (SSL) for outgoing mail should be fine if you're looking for a secure connection.

* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.

I just recieved an email from InfoStreet, which is listed on the URL when I start the signIn process for my email.  He said that everything is secure, it's just that the email pages do use their SSL certificate.  I'll post his reply, then mine and then his.



Thank you for reaching out to us. To first understand the secure login process you need to understand what a Secure Socket Layer Certificate, or SSL certificate is. Essentially when you are on a website that uses a SSL certificate, such as Facebook, Google, Amazon etc, it encrypts all traffic that is transferred to and from the site you are communicating with. The Certificate guarantees that the connection you have is connected directly to the site in question, so during login, checkout etc you can rest assured that the connection was done with and only with Amazon, Facebook, Hughes, etc.


During our login process you mentioned you noticed that the URL changes to EchoStar Purchasing, which is not exactly correct. You will notice it more if you are using a browser such as Chrome or Safari, In the address bar the SSL certificate we have installed on our site is purchased though EchoStar which is why you see that site "change". Once your information has been authenticated, you are then redirected to your mailbox. Our certificate is only implemented for certain parts of our site, one of those locations being our login page, and many of our FAQ's and Legal documents to ensure they come from us.


Many new browsers have lately created huge flags or warnings in the address bar indicating a site that does not have a SSL certificate installed thus a rise in concern from many of our clients. It is not that the site is not secure or that your information has been compromised. It is merely that in this part of our site does not contain the SSL certificate and your browser is letting the user know that one is not present.


I hope I was able to answer your question.


Thank you


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Thank you for your prompt reply!

Tell me if my understanding is correct -- Is my analogy correct:  Is being on my email page like me being in my kitchen? --- I'm in my locked house (doors/window locked), but, I'm in the kitchen which is not locked (I'm not locked inside the kitchen).  So even though my kitchen is not locked, I'm still secure in my house.

So, I'm locked in the HughesNet website, but I'm not locked inside my email page.

All the URL info indicates that the site is not secure, which makes me nervous about the cyber bad guys spying on me! (See my screenshots.)

Alright, I look forward to your reply.  Thank you!




Exactly! You are correct in that way of thinking.


That is an awesome analogy that I may use in the future!



We are aware and will be addressing the issue with a website update soon. Your cooperation, patience, and understanding are much appreciated.




So, Here we are in September 2019 and nothing has changed. Email still not secure. Will this be fixed by and by?

Hi asixrow,


Thanks for posting! We do have plans to address this, we just don't have an ETA on that yet. Once we have news we can share, you'll hear about it.


Your patience and understanding are much appreciated.

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