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Hughesnet is the only provider in my area

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Hughesnet is the only provider in my area

As the title says, Hughesnet is the only provider in my area, so I might as well make the absolute best of what I have, even though I'd prefer way better. Anyway. I work from home, my line of work requires me to work behind a VPN as well as a couple other safety measures, I have high latency, which is to be expected, are there anyways to bring it down? I'm not getting the download/upload speeds that I should be, which I will be calling about in the morning. The system I work in is really slow, I'm assuming it's because of the fact that I have satellite internet, I burned up 2 hours this morning calling around looking for other providers. But I'm trying to figure out how I can make my internet better so that I can work accurately. Here's a couple pictures.

Hughenet's speed test

Hughesnet Speed Test.png

Speed test from

Speedtest Hughesnet.png

If you need anymore information don't hesitate to ask. Thanks!