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Hughesnet phone setup

I've left Verizon phone for Hughesnet phone service. Hughesnet phone is setup but a have a question about when a massage is left in your mailbox. On Verizon phone if you have any massages left in your mailbox when you pickup the phone you would hear a beeping sound letting you know that a voice massage is in your mailbox. With the Hughesnet phone I can have a message in my mailbox but when I pickup the phone there is no beeping sound to let  know that you have a massage. The only way I can find out if I have any messages is to call my phone number and enter my passcode. Is there something I'm missing that needs to be setup so I know when I have massages ?


Hello eugenewest,


That's actually a very good question! Our voicemail system has two options - you can dial into your voicemail to hear your messages on your phone or access our Web Self-Care page to view and hear them on your computer. 


However, if you have a handset that has a message recording function built in or an answering machine, these work with our service too. Generally these phone sets and machines will have a visual alert like a blinking light to let you know that you have a voicemail waiting. Keep in mind that messages caught by an answering machine will not be stored in the HughesNet inbox.


I hope I was able to help, please let me know if you have any other questions!


Thank you,




Thanks for your reply . This isn't a answering machine I'm using so I have no lights that would tell me I have a voice massage . It's a standard cord office phone. So base on what you're saying Hughesnet voicemail system doesn't have any beeping sound when you pickup the phone to make you aware that you have a voice massage in you mailbox like verizon. This is a pain because you have to always dail your number to see if you have any voice massages or not on your phone. Hughesnet needs to add this to there phone service.



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Hrm, would be an interesting feature to see the Usage Meter kick a pop-up balloon any time there's an unheard voice mail message for the VOIP subscribers, and offer the ability to control voicemail in the program as well...  That shouldn't be too hard to add in?  What do you think @Amanda



Not sure on the difficulty, but I can definitely give the feedback to our voice team. I was kind of surprised to hear there was not an alert system either. In short, no - the only way to get any kind of visual or audible alert is to purchase a separate answering machine or handset kit with a built-in voicemail feature.


You can also log into your account on and view your voicemail logs there, even listen to them, instead of using the phone. In any case, I'll pass on the suggestion!


Thank you