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Hulu streaming users

Been checking out their streaming service with the free month of Hulu service and my experience.


No master setting for definition in user profile/settings but it seems once it is changed in the user playback UI it sticks to later video playback quality also.


In other words, the lowest speed/quality appears to be 650 kb/s which is what I chose the first time in the playback GUI and it stayed that way for videos after that initial one. So a cookie or something else seems to be saving the choice.


On my Samsung TV, when the video started the first time, I had to up arrow twice on the remote to get to the speed/quaity setting. Once I changed it then it stayed that way for subsequent videos. Others may need to experiment to get to the setting as it is definitely not intuitive or something published that I can find.


As with Netflix, the low setting works very well and the quality looks fine IMO.  It saves a lot of data use compared to higher settings.


Just posting this so it might help others.


Thanks for sharing your observations, BirdDog! This should be useful for others using the same streaming services.


If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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How do I fix the Hulu buffering on my laptop??? its driving me crazy and i just got this service 2 days ago (use baby steps in your 'how to' when and if you reply. lol

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One of the things you can try is turning off the Video Data Saver.  It can also be paused for four hours instead of turning it off.  I like the latter because I don't have to remember to turn it back on after I've watched something.  The VDS automatically throttles the speed of your HughesNet service to such that is amenable to DVD quality streaming, but if the streaming service (Netflix, Hulu, etc) can't auto adjust and stream in that lower definition it can cause buffering issues, as the speed the Video Data Saver throttles the service to may be lower than the speed the streaming service requires for your program/movie.  Turning the Video Data Saver off (or pausing it) stops the throttling of your HughesNet service speed while streaming.  


The following explains a bit more about the Video Data Saver and how to turn it off or pause it.  What is Video Data Saver?  


Also, the Video Data Saver only throttles your HughesNet service while you are streaming, and again, only when on (which is the default setting).  It doesn't kick in during other activities, such as downloading files or browsing.


I hope this helps.

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