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I-Cloud settings off permanently?

New Member

I-Cloud settings off permanently?

Hi Chris, or any other rep.
I have been working with Amanda and I am very happy with her and her advice. We are dealing with unusually high data being downloaded thru my system. I know she is off until monday. I have a question, she advised me to set all of my I cloud settings to OFF. My back ups, and my I cloud drive.  Do you think this is a suggestion for permanent use? I need my devices to communicate, I can do this for a short time, but I am really hoping this is not a permanent solution? I have an appointment with Apple at the store on Sunday, so I wanted to be able to know the answer prior to seeing them.  Thanks so much!  Kim

Re: I-Cloud settings off permanently?

Hi Lab-Lover,

This should not necessarily be permanent. The best advice I can give is to just be on top of what is being done when turned on. So that you are not surprised with a jump in usage. Hopefully your visit to Apple brings some insight with scheduling etc. iOS devices are tricky on a metered connection but if you can find a way to have the features on during the bonus period its usually best. 

Also, most of the time there is a specific day that updates are pushed out. For windows they were called patch Tuesdays. I typically would wait until the weekend to start any updates then turn things off until the next weekend. Just a suggestion that I hope helps.

Thank you,