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I Feel So Lost.. I have court Monday and haven’t had internet all week

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I Feel So Lost.. I have court Monday and haven’t had internet all week

I don't even know where to turn at this point, but I have nothing to lose by posting this.


I live in a rural town in Arizona. We had a storm this past Tuesday that was pretty severe. Brief, but severe.


It knocked my internet off. I understood this can happen, but I cannot get it back. I have tried a hard reset, unplugging everything. I know the steps I am capable of on my end. But, nothing.


Yesterday I began calling Hughesnet. I made the first call at about noon. The gentleman hung up on me mid-call. I was never rude, or brash. I was very patient and respectful and kind, but he disconnected the call.


I made a cup of coffee. I called back at one thirty. The second gentleman I spoke to had me go through all the troubleshooting protocol, same as the first. I was patient. I followed the steps he prescribed. 

He finally told me that because he wasn't able to diagnose the issue, and because his system read no hardware errors, he could not schedule a technician for me and there was nothing further he could do. He suggested I try calling back the next day.


I took the dog for a walk. We sat for a long while. At 3:30, I contacted customer care again. This time I spoke with a very sweet young lady. She could not have been very old, but she was professional and very pleasant. 

Again, I let her guide me through the prescribed troubleshooting protocol. I was patient and sincere. Again, we could not diagnose the problem.


She finally told me that she could not schedule a technician for me, but that she would contact her supervisor and someone would be contacting me later in the day. I took another walk. This time, by myself.


I purchased extra data for my cellphone so I could at least find the numbers to try to research this issue; to try to reach out for support. I logged into my account just now t establish a profile in the community. I thought, perhaps, I could reach out for help here.


I have court Monday. I still haven't found representation. I really needed this week to accomplish that.


Instead, I have spent hours on the phone with a customer care team that has terminated our call, metaphorically shrugged at me and told me there was nothing they could do.


I have lost numerous clients without the means and the ability to communicate with them in a timely fashion and deliver their pieces as ordered.


I cannot work like this. At all. I just can't. It's not a matter of effort or will-power or steadfastness, I just can't.


I cannot type and multi-task and save documents and copy and paste works I have referred to, email clients, order and print shipping labels, upload and research and modify and write the articles and pieces that I am tasked to write; that I need to write in the way that they need to be written, on my cellphone. It just can't be done.


I have court on Monday. It is an extremely serious case with some extremely serious potential consequences. Long-enduring consequences born of a tragic situation and a tragic choice to try and do what I believed to be the right thing. They are consequences that I know are mine and mine alone, but being stripped of any ability to continue to fight; to continue to try to move forward in this mess has made for a very unfair fight in a situation that was enormously unfair to begin.


I have been told there is nothing they can do. I feel, in so many ways, as though I have completely run out of options. The only thing I can think to do at this point, is when the sun breaks a bit more, to climb onto the roof myself and to blindly hope I have some luck readjusting the satallite. That is the best idea I can surmise. If a technician or a representative happens upon this, and would like to extend some support, or even push me in the right direction, it would be genuinely regarded.

May you all have an amazing holiday.

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The best thing you can do right now is wait for the HughesNet reps on this site (@Liz , @Remy , @Damian ) to reply to you. They can check your account and run remote diagnostics on your system and advise you of first steps. Hang in there. 

Hmmm, whats the symptoms of it being knocked out? Since you have been able to attempt troubleshooting without issue, and theyve been able to contact your hardware, that its somehow able to communicate. Do you have a computer hooked up to the modem directly, or use wifi? And do you have multiple devices you can use to try getting on the internet with?


Good morning Kh5thgait,


I see it's your first post here, so welcome to the community! I pulled up your account and see that the free dispatch request did go through. You can try to call the locally assigned dealer to schedule your appointment:


CM Wireless



I hope it goes well!



If you have a tech or billing question and need help, please start a new thread in the appropriate board. Unsolicited Private Messages may not get replies.

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It's just an idea, and really only a possible solution for the time being, but check if your cell phone has the ability to 'tether'.  If it does, you should be able to connect your computer to your cell phone via USB cable and then use your cell phone as your internet source.  It might cost an arm and a leg for the data, but at least you'd be able to get done what you need to with your computer being connected to the net.  


Again, it's just an idea.  I had to do this with my Tracfone cell phone a couple of times when there was bad weather and I couldn't connect via HughesNet because of it.

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