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I am unable to use any of my services provided by hughesnet (phone, internet)

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I am unable to use any of my services provided by hughesnet (phone, internet)

I am unable to use any of my services provided by hughesnet (phone, internet) because I cancelled the payment method due to poor quality and they keep charging a different amount each billing cycle. So I called and cancelled today September 1, 2016 but yet they want to bill me until the next billing cycle ends. I do believe this is fraud. Because I am being changed for services I cannot use. I requested them to end it today and pro-rate it and they refused. Anyone have this problem?
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Hughesnet bills for services a month in advance..
When does your billing cycle start and end each month?

for example...I started my HughesNet service on August 9th (install date) and I was billed on the 10th Aug.  for services through until the 8th Sept. (so basically I'm paying for my month of service in advance)
My billing cycle is therefore the 9th of each month thru until to the 8th of the following month.

If..i were to cancel TODAY, I would not owe any money to Hughesnet for services as I'm already paid up through Sept. 8th..

I don't believe HughesNet would be obligated in returning any remaining days I haven't used merely because I cancelled my services before the end of my billing cycle..

Much like Netflix, if you cancel your services half way through the month, they don't refund you any remaining days you may have left for that month..YOU cancelled.not them. your case, if your billing cycle actually started TODAY, Sept. 1st...and you call them up to cancel, then YES, you will be billed for this entire month of service (Sept. 1 - Sep 30th)

IF you had cancelled your service YESTERDAY (again, assuming your billing cycle starts today)...then HughesNet would not off billed you any additional months.

It's NOT fraud...
As a customer, regardless of what services you a paying for (phone, electric, TV etc) if you wish to cancel your services, first you need to figure up if your paying a month in advance or not for those services, and then second, you need to figure up, based on your billing cycle, what day would be the best day to cancel to prevent any additional monthly overages...

Hope this helps you to better understand...but if not, if you can look to see what your exact billing cysle dates are (they are the same each month) I can help you better understand your OWN billing..

LOL..I don't know much about computers and stuff...but don't mess with my checkbook. I'm a whiz when it comes to billing, budgeting and anything to do with finances.. 😛

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one of the reasons why you may not be able to 'use' the services is because you have admitted that you have cancelled your payment method..
In order to receive services with HughesNet you must keep a valid credit/debit card on file.
Again, it's not fraud...
if you cancel your services today (especially if today starts your new billing cycle) and you have cancelled your preferred payment method and/or removed your credit/debit card information from your account, then YES... it's obvious that you will not be able to use those service. 
It's not that your being charged for service that you cannot use...
You are being charged for a months worth of services that you paid for in advance and by removing your debit/credit card on file PREMATURELY, you will not be able to access those services. This is not HughesNet's yours. 
Why would Hughesnet be obligated into giving you those services if they cannot charge your debit/credit card for them???

Again, this is all goes back to your actual billing cycle and when that starts and ends each month.
To prevent any of this from happening, you should of cancelled on the last day of your previous billing cycle and kept your credit/debit card on file until your account was fully closed.

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for posting. xoxo explained the process pretty well. If you still need some clarification let us know.

- Chris