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I cancled my service

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I cancled my service

I canceled my service in the 30 days and the guy said I would get my 100 dollars back, it was a bonus for singing up. The guy didn't listen and didn't cancel my service not my fault he didn't do his job. It's on the phone call I blaintly said cancel my service look up the call please you will here me say cancel my service. I was never read a contract or rules but was told if I cancel in the first 30 days I would still get the 100 dollar bonus and to this day haven't. The trying to say I owe 800 dollars I told them to come get there equipment and they didn't and I moved it might still be there. I didn't hurry it in concrete they did so they can come get it I'm disabled and no way I could get it out. The guy said we will have someone come get it Friday and no one came. Theses people are a joke. Please I beg you pull up the recording the damn foreigner I talked to didn't understand shit I was saying. I said cancel and he said ok I make sure you get your 100 dollars I said cancel and he said is there anything else I can help you with. So I hung up. Just look at all the people commints on these people. They say you used all your data in one day and I said what we haven't been on the .net all day. What a rip off.

Hello Greg,

Welcome to our community and thank you for your post. I would be more than happy to investigate what is going on and make sure we get this settled quickly. I don't understand entirely what you are explaining, so I will let you know what I am getting from your post.. You ordered service and cancelled it in your first 30 days of having the service installed, were told that even if you did cancel service you would still get $100, the agent you spoke to about cancelling was told to cancel your account and did not. 

Can you provide me the case number for that call where you requested to cancel services? I do see some notes on here from August 12th where you spoke with our account management department and want to make sure that is the call you are referring to.

Thank you,