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I feel cheated

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I feel cheated

I feel cheated since when I signed up with hughs net, there was NO mention of usage allowance and caping it. So when I told the hughs net representative that I purely wanted Internet for Netflix, she failed to tell me that I could probably watch two nights of Netflix and then my usage would be over for the month... and of course with the contract ...makes perfect sense to forget to mention that detail when I called for information...better yet since I didn't understand why my Internet was so slow, I requested for support to get a response from a do not respond back email which seems extremely useless for someone who is asking for support

Hello msulieman,

Welcome to our community, we're here to help. I see that you ordered service with us almost 5 months ago - is this the first time you've exceeded your download allowance?  Hope we can get to the bottom of this.


Hi amanda,
If that is the first time that I have exceeded my allowance then I have barely had service for the other months.
My billing cycle just reset, it's been absolutely comical to watch an episode of parks and rec. then watch the usage drop. (4 episode = 87% remaining )
Sadly I just watched another episode and now I have 83%
Assistant Professor

How are you watching, Netflix? Best to do it in low definition.

Here is how to set:

If another way you are watching then please explain. Lots of different ways and they all use different amounts of data.

Never watch in HD on satellite internet.

Also, depending on your plan, a 45 minute episode can use 300 MB even at low definition. So it could equal 3-4 percent usage depending plan size.

Are you on a 10 GB Anytime plan?

Thank you ...I will look into how my Netflix is playing... but I'm not sure if I have the ability to play it in HD (my TV is pretty basic)

I looked at the plan and it says my plan is 60gb/month

HI amanda or Any Hughs net representative
I received a phone call from hughs net regarding the service. They called while I was at work so I missed the call, so i called the two number that were left on my voice mail.
One number being purely advertisements and survey questions about car insurance, Internet and satellite options (never leading to a hughs net representative option)
The other number being busy the entire time

I made sure several times that I did not mistype or hear the numbers incorrectly

I just want help with the service (not adds, not survey questions) please
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I looked at the plan and it says my plan is 60gb/month
That means you have only 10 gigs to use during the daytime, and 50 to use between 2 am and 8 am.   Those 10 gigs will go away very quickly if you're streaming, especially if Netflix is set to high def.