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I have been having problems with wifi use

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I have been having problems with wifi use

I have been having problems with wifi use on a Samsung Galaxy 5 and an iPhone 5SE. We seem to have a lot of issues watching video clips on Facebook. They stop after a few seconds then start 1-2 seconds later. I have plenty of data right now and we upgraded to another data plan about a month ago to see if it would fix the issues, but it didn't. Any thoughts on what to do to fix this issue? This is my test speed this morning from my computer. --download of 24.6 & 0.86 upload. Not sure if that is good or not. I ran the test on my phone and got these results: download 19.08 with upload of 2.61 (I ran this test about 20 minutes after the first one). Any thoughts on how to make the wifi more effective on the phones? When we switch to the network, we don't have the same streaming issues.
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