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I have very slow internet. Paying for 9-15mbps.... getting less then 1mbps for the last 11 days

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I have very slow internet. Paying for 9-15mbps.... getting less then 1mbps for the last 11 days

Tech support has not called back!!!! 11 days of this. I have called 4 times. WHY wont tech support call like they are suposed to?!?!?! Less then ONE mbps...paying for 9-15. Not cool. Hate my service.

Hello Catherine,

Welcome to our community and thank you for your post. We were able to locate your account and do see that you had a case escalated to our advanced support department on 11/29, but have not been called. We've escalated this to their manager to see why you were not called. 

In the meantime, however, I'd like to assist you in investigating and resolving your speed concerns. I was able to do a full run of diagnostics on your system and see that your dish's signal is great, the modem is communicating well with our network and the remote speed test run from our servers to your modem came back with a 16Mbps download speed. 

I'd like to see if you are aware of any Peer to Peer file sharing, cloud services like iCloud or DropBox on your devices? If there are, we recommend taking a look and seeing if these are not set to manual download/upload settings. It is very possible something like this could be hogging up your bandwidth at home, especially with as many devices that are connected to your network.  Are you only experiencing slow speeds on a single device, or across all of them? If it is a single device, have you checked that device to see if it has a VPN (virtual private network) setup on it? That can definitely cause slow speeds. Looking forward to digging in and finding the answers with you.

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I have tried on different laptops with and without VPN installed and both have similar results.  I don't have drop box on the main laptop and don't use iCloud, its a pc.  Usually there are only one or maybe 2 devices that ever connect at a time.  Usually when I run diagnostic with IT its one device and the one device with very little on it and its relatively new so the machine is not bogged down.  I am wide open to anything that will fix my speeds.  this address is not primary home so i am not there to be able to catch a level 5 IT person at a certain time but i plan on calling back in the next few days to connect to try.  I'm not far from my end of the rope with trying though the other day with level 4 IT the speeds were so pathetic even the Tech was shocked.  We've tried all kinds of things, direct wired to modem, safe mode.......   Is there a way to see the modem has the speed what if there was a wire issue between the dish and the modem?  Realistically If I don't find the answer soon I'll look back into Exede, I have it at my mountain home and its faster and no problem and frankly way cheaper.  I was sold on your newer satelittes, bandwidth and speeds but I have never received any of that since the service was installed.  somehting isn't right.  By the way they say my wireless router is working properly too.  so I'm clueless, this is not what i do for a living.
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I am experiencing the same problems.  3 phone calls and no call backs.  less than 1mbps download speed for some time now.  Very upset with technical support.  They tell me it has been escalated to the advanced support department and they will call me back.  Been told this 3 times and no call back.  I very upset and disappointed that Hughesnet can't solve this problem.  We are paying for up to 15mbps and we aren't even getting close to that.  We run a very limited wireless system in our with only my laptop and my wife's computer attached.  No other razmataz stuff going on.  Both on Windows 10.  Have it stripped down to the bear minimum.  I am and ex technical developer for 40 years and don't understand why Hugesnet technical support personnel can not or will not respond.  As far as I am concerned they are in breach of contract we may go down that path from a legal perspective.  This better get fixed quickly.
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You are not alone. My service was installed 6 weeks ago and I have had 1 mb dnld since installation. Paying for 15 MBs. On the phone every day with tech support. Problem escalated to whoever, but cases were either deleted or whatever. Nowhere to be found. So we had to start from the beginning AGAIN! Was on phone again this evening and did tests, tests, and more tests. Results same as before. Problem escalated and I have to wait another 5 days before the corporate techies get back to me. Been going round and round with hughesnet since installation. UN-FUN!

Hi Jeff

I think there was a mix up in the posts. Your post is here - I let Catherine know that I replied to her here because she posted in your thread... sorry!


Please reference the new conversation here:
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