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I still have my sense of humor

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I still have my sense of humor

10 days with Hughesnet. On the third day I called support. 35 min wait and then a very nice lady with a heavy accent answers and assures me that she will make it all good. Turns out, she can not make it all good but she will transfer me to someone who can. 10 more mins of listening to music and a nice fellow answers the phone. Pleasant, but very heavy accent. He does some checking and testing and poceeds to tell me "The system is working as designed".  That was the last straw for me. I said I wanted to cancel. He says he will transfer me to an account manager. 10 more mins of music. Account manager talks to me explaining that the techs will be able to fix any problems that I have. I tell him that I have tried that route already and it didn't work so I just want it out of my house. He proceeds to tell me that I'm breaking up and he can't understand me. I say dang, can you call me back on this number? He says no, you will need to place another call. They can't make callbacks. You're breaking up. You will have to call back. And he hangs up. 




Dalecway, please don't give up. Stay on the case. We're all in this with you.