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I want to be moved


I want to be moved

Well I have been trying to be nice but after what 3 months/4 months and my speeds haven't got any better it is time to take the bull by the horns 1st I am also in southern Nevada county where they have completly oversold their system Why? because they know that fiberoptics are coming down 49 and Dog Bar and they have been hitting this area with advertising hard. 2nd got a 100 dollar bill for this crappy internet as you can see my download times average out to less than 1mbps when I am paying for 25 mbps or 4% of what I was promised, shouldn't I be paying 4% of my bill or 4 bucks a month please send someone out get me off beam 55


Re: I want to be moved

Call in to Hughesnet and request it..