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INSTALLATION POLICY QUESTION: Is it now customary for installers to destroy and steal Wildblue equipment during install?

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INSTALLATION POLICY QUESTION: Is it now customary for installers to destroy and steal Wildblue equipment during install?

Had a system installed yesterday at my mothers house.  When I went to actually look at the install I realized the installer had pulled up the coax run and cut it in multiple places going to old Wildblue System and JUST LEFT IT ON THE GROUND !!!!!!!!

Likewise I am missing the modem for the old system as well !

The old system was owned, NOT and I paid for the old pole mount and extra run beyond standard install ! 

Now I would like to know how many other people have had the same encounters of theft and criminal mischief done by hughes and their installers before I get out of my cancellation window ?

Is this company policy?  Has anyone else had this issue?  Does anybody else see a problem with this?

If I go back I will have to pay again !  Conveniently the company installs BOTH systems !!! Imagine that !!! 

Pretty sure the installer will take the old equipment and sell it to electronics reconditioning guy in town for extra money. 
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I am a installer for Hughes.. I can tell you. It is not company policy. I do not install Wildblue/exede. I never ever take old equipment. To be honest with you. I really don't think they are worth anything even to a recycling company. But I do not now for sure. Never took one back. Has for old coax.  I always clean up what I take down. I only take down what the customer gives me permission to take down.
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I would think that this is NOT company policy.  I certainly wouldn't be happy, either. 

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If a Wildblue system, the equipment has little residual value unless it was leased - in that case it has value to ViaSat since you'll be charged a hefty $150 each for both the modem and TRIA for failure to return (most people purchased it outright to simply avoid the monthly lease fee).

I'll see them occasionally offered on eBay - maybe they have some value to installers tasked with supporting Wildblue for spare parts, but would not be usable by consumers purchasing them there unless looking to re-purpose the dish as a bird feeder or wok. 

If you go back (and not suggesting you do since that's your choice), you'll likely be pushed into the Exede service and require new equipment anyway - not even sure Wildblue is being offered anymore since all areas not covered by ViaSat-1 are augmented beams on the older satellite and offer the slower Exede-5 service.

While there are some Wildblue subscriber holdouts, mostly they appear to be those who got in on the government subsidized recovery act plans, which are not applicable to Exede plans and no longer offered. Once you give those up, they're gone forever (if you could qualify for them the 60GB plan was attractive but for some reason unknown to those inside the DC beltway we always seem to run out of other people's money).

Hi Steve

No, this is definitely not what we tell our installers to do! I will try to locate your account by your community profile, but will let you know if I need more info. I will escalate this to our installation managers here in the corporate office and begin an investigation.

Thank you

Hi Steve

I am not able to locate your account  - if you have access, can you provide the serial number of the HughesNet modem? This will help me a lot faster. If you can't get to the modem since its at your mom's, you can e-mail us at with the Account Number, Phone number on the account or the account holder's full name

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