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Improved data plans in the works?

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Improved data plans in the works?

When I signed up for this service in November, I was told that a new satellite would launch in December and then, at the start of 2017, all data plans would double the amount of data at the same price. It was a key reason I signed up. With only two Mac computers doing minimal web browsing and email, and streaming maybe an hour's worth of video every two weeks, we're using up our 10 gigs in about a week and then shifting to the throttled-back speed (which is surprisingly adequate for all but audio/video streaming). I know the satellite did launch. So where are our new data plans?

I have read the discussions here about data management and have tried without success to figure out why my system is using so much. I have a new Linksys EA6100 router, but other than device prioritization I see no diagnostic tools in the router to track where the data is being used. Besides our two computers, we have two iPhones, plus a Sonos system that we cannot use after our one week's worth of high-speed data is gone (and it's not to blame anyway, because we hardly ever used it for fear of using up data). 

Hello Mark,

Our new Gen5 services will not be available until some time in Quarter 1 of 2017. While the satellite has launched into orbit, it does take some time to test and ensure it is fully functional before we can begin putting customers on it. Usually the misconception that a smaller number of devices equals a smaller number of data used, it sometimes is not the case. Apple is notoriously bad at data conservation, especially with their auto-syncing iCloud which will really burn a hole in your data fast. There are programs you can use to track each computer individually and inspecting the Data Usage options in your iPhones. Also consider isolating the devices off the network and monitoring your usage to see which device could be the culprit.

Thank you,

Thanks for the quick and clear response. I've seen comments in the forums recommending a Windows-based app to track usage by device. Any recommendations for Macs and iPhones? 
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If going through 10 GB in just a week then you most likely have something consuming a lot of data in the background, unless you are streaming large amounts of video which you say you are not. An hour of HD video can use 3-4 GB of data however.

Your router does have some built in tools to view usage and should be similar to this:

Even with the new satellite coming online and possibly higher data plans you will have to get your usage under control. Ad blockers on browsers is one way to reduce data use by quite a bit.

Thanks. Turns out my router only has the device list, not a way to check data use (I read the articles in what you provided). 
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I'm not familiar enough with Mac's to offer an equivalent to Glasswire.

Glasswire is supposed be coming out with a Mac version but I'm not sure of the timeline.

Another alternative of course is to measure usage by all devices right at the router.

I have an Asus (RT-AC3100) that has the Traffic Analyzer feature that tracks usage by device and also by application within a device:




Individual device statistics:

Detailed device usage:


I confirmed with Linksys that my new router lacks the tools needed to track usage by device. I've found a few tools that allow tracking use on a particular computer, but that doesn't solve my problem either. I'm down to taking particular devices offline one at a time (or, maybe, taking all off and adding them one at a time) to get a handle on this. 

The bottom line is that I'm VERY disappointed in Hughes for having a cap that maxes out so quickly on my minimal usage and that "January" has turned into "maybe March" for when the cap will grow.

I realize the limitations of the cap are more complicated than just an unrealistically low limit set by Hughes -- something evidently is running in the background on my network to gobble up data -- but I'm stuck if I don't turn myself into a network administrator. Meantime, your sales people lie their asses off, telling people how lavish the allotment of data will be even for nightly streaming of TV (which I would never have tried in the first place) and how it will double at the first of the year, just to make a sale. This isn't the first time I've said it: Get a handle on the lies they tell, or you will continue to have unhappy customers. 
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The limit set by Hughesnet is not at all unrealistic, and the vast majority of users have been able to adjust their devices to be able to use the service within it's means.  

It's just my opinion, but your disappointment should be aimed toward your devices in not giving you adequate tools to measure data consumption so you can see what is using so much data, not at Hughesnet for a cap that is, with the exception of the ability to regularly stream, adequate.  

If you feel you were misled by the sales rep, I'm sure the Official Reps can pull your sales call to review it.  

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Here is a data management app for Android and iOS:

This helps for the devices that can use it. My wife and I have android phones. My daughter has an iPhone and my son has an iPadMini3. Let me tell you that there is a night and day difference between how much data the devices use. Apple products are data pigs.
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