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Improving Your Remote Desktop / VPN Connection

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Improving Your Remote Desktop / VPN Connection

In our area, there are many employees who need to work from home and log into a corporate server using a VPN and/or remote desktop connection.

I'm passing along some tips for anyone attempting to make this type of connection work through HughesNet Gen4. Much of this has been posted in pieces elsewhere in these Forums but I wanted to pull it all together here.

I can't say this will work in all situations but I just had two customers come into our office this week to test their Windows Remote Desktop connections over our shop system with good results. Here are some suggestions:
  1. There are many different flavors of VPNs. Generally, SSL-based VPNs work better over satellite than IPsec-based. Ask your Company's IT Administrator about the type of connections used by your company and what options might be available for remote users.
  2. Subscribe to one of the higher HughesNet service plans. This will vary from area to area. In our area, the two higher plans are PRO and MAX. I actually prefer PRO because there "seem" to be fewer subscribers on the channel that supports this Plan, at least on our Beam 19 in Northern California. We're getting a consistent 18+ Mbps download and 1.5 Mbps upload on PRO, which is only rated at a max 10 Mbps down / 2 Mbps up.
  3. Bypass your wireless router. Use a LAN Network cable connection direct to the modem.
  4. Boot up your computer or laptop. Avoid loading any unnecessary programs and exit any that may have launched at startup but are not needed.
  5. Turn off Web Acceleration in the HughesNet modem. Go to: to enter the HughesNet modem System Control Center. Click on the little italicized "inear the upper right corner to enter the Advanced Menu. In the menu on the left, select Web Acceleration > Control. Uncheck the Enable web acceleration box. Close the browser window.
  6. If using Windows Remote Desktop, there is actually a setting for using a satellite connection. In the Remote Desktop Connection application, go to Options and click on the Experience tab. Selecting "Satellite" will turn off data-intensive, "eye candy" features  such as Desktop background, Font smoothing, Show window contents while dragging, and Menu and window animation
This is by no means comprehensive, and cannot cover all situations. I should add that HughesNet doesn't recommend using VPNs and remote desktop applications over their service and warns that speeds will be slower, but some can and do work.

Hopefully, other users will have additional tips about what works for them and pass them along here by adding to this thread.
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Re: Improving Your Remote Desktop / VPN Connection

Good morning Alan,

Great ideas and suggestions for people who work from home remotely!!

Thank you for your contribution and the new topic,

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Re: Improving Your Remote Desktop / VPN Connection

Has there been any updates to this in the last two years?   I installed Gen 5 today and have great speeds.   I just can't connect to my VPN which makes it worthless to me.    Help.   


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Re: Improving Your Remote Desktop / VPN Connection



It would be best to start a new topic for your particular issue, which you can do by clicking on the blue "Start a topic" button on the upper right of the Tech Support section.  


This particular thread is more for info, not troubleshooting.



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