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Inconsistent internet

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Inconsistent internet

We run out of data every month within 24-48 hours. One month every thing works the same and you can't tell you used all the data and then the next month it's like someone flipped a switch and turned everything off and then the next month everything works again. Very inconsistent. 
Trying to work from home and do web based training. Can't even read emails and do monthly bill payments. Keep getting told to pay more money for more data but can't afford it if it only gives me two extra days, besides some months it works. 

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The easiest way to figure out why you're running out of data so quickly is to install a program that can monitor its usage.  For Windows and Android devices, there's Glasswire.  It's free.  However, it only monitors the data usage of the device it's installed on, so if you have multiple computers or Android devices, you'd need to install it on each one.  For Apple devices, there's the built in Activity monitor, though there are probably better apps available in the App Store to accomplish this.  As for other types of devices, such as those used to stream, the only way to really monitor their usage is with a 3rd party router that has the ability to monitor data usage as a whole, or even by device.  Most routers can do the former, but only the more expensive ones are able to monitor by device.

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