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Individual emails won't open

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alan rider
New Poster

Individual emails won't open

I am having a lot of problems getting myhughesnet emails to load.

When they do load, I can not open individual emails.

any suggestions?

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@alan rider 


It's just a possibility, but I'd recommend disabling all extensions being used with it, at least temporarily, to see if they may be the cause of the issue. If you find that extensions are the cause, I'd add them back in one by one so you can narrow down which one is the culprit. I'd also recommend clearing your browser cache, then restarting the browser, to see if that helps.

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alan rider
New Poster

Thanks... Hughesnet webmail can be unresponsive and impossible to use.  It was the worst I have ever seen it 12-09-22.  So I had to wait until it started working again.  Really time to get another email application that is dependable.