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Intermittent service during the last week in central Kentucky

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Intermittent service during the last week in central Kentucky

During the last week I have had intermittent service in Central Kentucky. I tried over that period which ended yesterday, Wednesday 2/7/18, to contact both customer service and tech support. On each of my calls the automated answering machine said "We are experiencing extremely high call volume, you waiting may be up to 10 minutes." Each day I provided the automated answering system the requested information to identify my account and patiently waited at least 10 minutes without being connected to a person so I hung up. 

I finally succeeded in connecting with a customer service agent yesterday, after waiting nearly 20 minutes, located in the Philippines. I told the agent that I wanted know if I could get a credit or refund for the loss of service for the proceeding week. She kept telling me she was looking into my issue once I resupplied her the information to identify my account. After several go rounds of asking her to tell if she supply the credit/refund she informed me that she had checked my system and it was working normally. I told her knew that and that the issue had been going on over the proceeding week. She proceeded to tell me that the last time I had called in was Feb 2017 and that without a call during the problem she could not check out the problem and therefore would not supply any refund. I asked if she could check to see if there had been system problems in my area in the last week. She said she could not!! I ask for supervisor and she said that I would not get a different answer from anyone in her area. I ask for a supervisor again with the same answer. I ask another time and she hung up. 

If you can't get through on a call while you're having a problem because the company is overloaded in calls then why when you get through can you not get help without being told you didn't have a problem. 

This poor service from the company!!!!!



Hello slhend111,


Thank you for reaching out to us here. After reviewing your account, I see that your beam has only experienced 2 service interruptions since the beginning of the year 2018. The total time the services were down, combining both instances, is 6 minutes. This is not something our level 1 support would have access to (historical record, particularly) since the impact time is so miniscule. If you've been having downtime which exceeds what we have recorded, such as hours and/or days, it would not be due to a complete service interruption but rather something else which we would need to investigate. 


Regarding the wait times...  Unfortunately, one of the call center buildings there is inside the area of the volcano Mayon, which has been erupting since last month and unleashed something like 70 million cubic meters of lava. The agents have had to evacuate their homes, but we've pulled together every resource we can everywhere else to keep wait times down. You may also use our live chat feature or e-mail us if you would rather not be on the phone.





Thanks for your response, however, everyday during the period I mentioned I several times that the bottom lights on the modem were not lighted which meant I didn't have internet connection. This issue was of and on during the period I stated and has since resolved. It was most certainly not a one time 6 minute issue. I am fairly certain that you tech folks would have been aware of the flashing on and off over several days if not I would suggest that you guys might need better monitoring equipment. 

I appreciate the problems you folks may have experienced with their volcano interruptions, however, I don't believe that that should be a reason to be rude to customers or to hang up on them without resolving their issue. I also don't believe that your company doesn't have supervisors in you call center.

Alexa is a good monitor of internet connection, in that she can't answer when internet service is down. So no problem to tell if I don't have service.

Hi slhend111,


If a longer term service interruption occurred for you where the bottom lights on your modem were off, then I can check your equipment's logs to see what happened, which I am currently pulling now. In regards to being aware of your modem's lights flashing, we save diagnostic information for all 1 million+ HughesNet customers, but I am not sure there is enough manpower to monitor each individual system live. Just like Toyota does not call each customer with a check engine light on to tell them there is a problem.  


You are right  - if an agent was rude to you or hung up on you there is no excuse for that. I will look up your calls and listen to them today. As far as the hanging up, our phone systems are electronic and can determine the source/cause of the call ending so I will be able to report this as well. 




  • Again thanks, I appreciate your efforts. If you can in fact see when system was down when bottom 2 lights were out then should have no issue in seeing I had service issues over several days. I am not sure I understood howyour reference to Toyota made sense in this situation. I told the person in customer service I was having issues and she said system said there was no problems and now you're telling me that you guys can see if I had service issues.


I have been awaiting the results of the testing of my equipment to see about the loss of service. It has several days without a response from you. 



I today received a call from 714-408-1291, claiming to be the supervisor of the young lady I talked to on 2/7/18. Told me that he had could look at modem while we were on the phone. Determined that there had been no issues the shortly said yes your modem was off must have been turned off during the days prior to my call. Completely discounting the story told me by the young lady on 2/7/18. After a 20 minute discussion he said he was issuing a $16.42 credit for a week loss of service. 

My question is how can he see on his screen that I had trouble and the young lady on 2/7/18 tell me that her system showed no issues. You're waiting on the information, which wasn't readily available. I am really confused!!!! The guy today told me that they weren't suppose issues any credits because I couldn't get through to report that I was having a problem. What kind of company policy is that???


It's been over a week since you last responded. I would guess you might still be trying to determine if my system was being intermittent. 

I now have a second question. I keep being unable to stream any movie, you tube or nearly any other video. Speed test indicates that download speeds should be adequate to stream movie. Can you shed any light on this problem?