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Internet buffering

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Internet buffering

I am trying to stream AmazonPrime but it seems to buffer about every 2 minutes. I am not sure how to fix this. I am fairly computer illiterate and I don't have anyone here to do this for me. We recently went to a little larger TV so could this be the issue?




Thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community. When it comes to streaming with satellite internet, it is recommended to manually set your resolution settings, as it is on the auto setting by default. This can cause severe buffering since it is trying to cycle between many different resolutions during a stream. This can be done by logging on to your Amazon account on a desktop computer and clicking on your account information. There you will find a section for playback settings, where you can adjust it accordingly. Also, try disconnecting most of the devices from the network and streaming on one device connected to the modem via Ethernet cable if available. This will provide a quicker, more stable connection. If buffering is the main issue, downloading shows and movies locally on your phone/device is another option for you. You can do this by downloading the streaming app and initiating a download to watch a show or movie offline. This would eliminate buffering completely and save you on data, since it is playing from a stored file and not streaming in real-time. You can find more information on this process below for many streaming services. -Damian 




Thank you. I will try that. Hopefully it will fix the problem.