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Internet down, check status remotely?

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Internet down, check status remotely?

The internet at my lake house is not working, How do you check the modem remotely? We won't be there until next week. I had a friend power everything off and back on and still not working.


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We subscribers can't check the modem remotely, but the reps can.  Ask your friend to leave the modem powered on so the reps can try to connect with it and see what's going on. 








Thank you for reaching out! We'd love to look into this for you, but we need a little more information first. Please send a private message to this link with your account number or a phone number attached! It'll help us take a deeper dive into what's going on.




Thanks, I sent a support email and received a response.  I guess modem is good, but there is an issue connecting to LAN so can't do anything till back on site next week.


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