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Internet speed throttled in FAP mode!

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Internet speed throttled in FAP mode!

Why am i being throttled down in FAP mode?? I used to get between 2-3mbs. Now I only get between 500-600kbs. Has something changed with your policy on internet speeds in FAP mode?? You advertise between 1-3mbs. Upload speeds unchanged. This has been going on for almost a month now. frustrated with the level of service i'm now getting with HughesNet!! I relocated my dish from the roof to get past the trees earlier in June and my SQF is back to 100, but now this is going on in FAP mode. I can't have tech come out to take a look at my dish because it will cost me $125 dollars unless online tech catches it acting funny. "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY SPEED IN FAP MODE??"

Distinguished Professor IV

No, the policy hasn't changed. Wait until a HughesNet rep replies to your post; they can run remote diagnostics and see if something's amiss. They can then decide on next steps.  EDIT: have you called the customer support line? Those reps may be able to also run diagnostics and at least give you an idea of what may be going on while you wait for this site's reps to look at the issue. You can also try the HughesNet reps on Twitter or Facebook.