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Internet won’t stay connected

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Internet won’t stay connected

For the last week and a half my internet won't stay connected. I have been at the same location for 6 years without too many issues (besides weather lol). I reached out to support and they said I was having transmitting issues. I followed the cables from the dish to my home and that line looked fine. From the splitter to the modem I found my line had some gouges (from wood floor or mouse?not sure) and we thought that was the problem. I replaced the line from the splitter to the modem and it was then working perfectly. Then 12 hours later it's unstable again. Unplugged everything from the modem let it sit for a minute and plugged back up. It connected again but just keeps bouncing from connected to not connected.


support was less than helpful by only telling me we hs a transmit problem. $125 for a tech to come out. Can't afford this cause I haven't been able to work cause the internet hardly stays connected.


here is a run down in the last 30 minutes of all the codes and things it's done.



HughesNet error codes






Then back up


Down again




Then back up

Down again





Ip gateway associate state now creating ipgw pool


Then back up except for transmit-12.3.1 again

Then everything is working again


And down again 45 seconds later

Transmit status 12.4.1 then 12.3.1

Then back up



Down again. Ip gateway, tcp, transmit and receive down


any help is appreciated. I don't know what else could be the issue unless my modem itself is the problem.


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I think the best you can do right now is wait for the reps to come on tomorrow. They may need to run remote diagnostics on your setup to see what's going on. 

Hope so. Figured I may have better luck here than the live chat or calling in lol

After repairing the original cables, I had my internet up and working last night. Hours later and now it doesn't work again.


it almost seems like it only want to work at night now and not during the day. Getting Bethune frustrated here, as this makes no sense whatsoever!!





Thank you for reaching out! We'd love to look into this for you and get it resolved, but we'll first need some more information to pull up your account. Please send a private message to this link with your account number or phone number attached to the account!





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