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Is it possible to disable wifi of generation 5 router HT2000W?

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Is it possible to disable wifi of generation 5 router HT2000W?

I posted yesterday about how I used all 20G of my monthly data in a few hours. It turned out to be because my AT&T Direct TV was connected to my Wi-Fi network. So I called AT&T and was walked though the process of disconnecting, but today it reconnected all by itself. Fortunately I have cancelled all the series recordings on Direct TV and I did not lose any of my 5G token.


So my question is:


Is there a way to disable the Wi-Fi feature of the HT2000W router and have it only connect through Ethernet cable?

Associate Professor

Yes, you can disable the Wifi on your HT2000w if you want, however, this will trigger a statecode of 14.2.1 which is just saying "the wireless radios are turned off".  It won't be detrimental to your service.

1: Visit in your browser.
2: Click Wifi Settings on the left hand side, this will either take you to a new page, or open a new window.
3: You will be prompted to enter a password, the default password is admin
4: Click on Advanced Setup on the left
5: Click on Wireless on the left
6: Uncheck both Frequency Band options, and click save.
7: Reboot your modem by disconnecting power at the wall.


Yes. Go into your WiFi settings. And do one or both of these:


1. From the Home menu, select each of the four Wifi tabs indicated by the arrow and uncheck the SSID Enable checkbox for each.Untitled 2.jpeg

 2. (Preferrable) From the Advanced Setup -> WIRELESS menu, uncheck both the 2.4GHz Frequency Band and the 5GHZ Frequency band checkboxes.Untitled.jpeg



You may have to reboot the Wifi router afterwards:

3. From the Adminstration -> Reboot menu, simply click the Reboot button indicated by the arrow below.Untitled 3.jpeg








* Disclaimer: I am a HughesNet customer and not a HughesNet employee. All of my comments are my own and do not necessarily represent HughesNet in any way.
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